10 Best Free Online File Sharing and Hosting Sites

File sharing services let you to share a bunch of files over internet, with the widely available file hosting service where you can host all your files and share it public or private with your friend and colleges. As said there are many online file hosting and file sharing sites, here am going to summaries most recommended top 10 best services available.

1.) Mediafire – Mediafire let users to share both images and files with 100MB per file, more over Mediafire offers unlimited storage, uploads, downloads, bandwidth and finally it’s totally free with no sign up.

2.) 4Shared – 4Shared is free file sharing service with 5GB free space to upload and share your videos, photos and files. 4Shared needs login to access to upload and share your files. You can use Google account or OpenID to sign up.

3.) Box.net – With it’s simple interface and online collaboration Box.net file sharing allow user to upload up to 25MB with 1GB free space. Users can share files in public and also can access from mobile.

4.) Windows Live SkyDrive – Windows Live SkyDrive is Microsoft powered online file storage and sharing service. SkyDrive provides 25GB free space on Windows live, users can upload files in folder view with password protect, they can decide who can access to each folder.

5.) Drop.io – With it’s elegant and impressive interface Drop.io let user to share private files in just two clicks. Drop provides 100MB free space for free user with no sign up. You can upload any type of media files and share via e-mail, RSS, Twitter, FaceBook, SMS and zip file.

6.) DivShare – Users can keep all your uploaded photos, videos, music and files forever in Divshare online. Transfered file will automatically converted to flash and enables you to stream online from any browser. Add your name, brand and link on your download page by upgrading your account.

7.) Badongo – Badongo is most sophisticated file hosting and sharing website, It also provides unlimited storage space for free without asking any user account. With the quick text links offered after uploading your files helps easy sharing via email, IM, Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, etc.

8.) Dropbox – Dropbox is an desktop application once you installed to your personal computer, just drop your file into Dropbox and it will syncs your file with on PC to online. Once you make any change to your document it will automatically reflect in all PC that you’ve installed Dropbox.

9.) Streamfile – Users can stream your file of max 150 MB by entering single or multiple recipient e-mail separated by commas. Sign up requires to upload file size more than 150MB.

10.) WikiSend – Wikisend is another free file sharing site with maximum upload size 100MB and no sign up. Users can add friendly file name with password for extra privacy, download from 1-7 days will be faster than 8-90days.