There are many online freelance job web sites are available over the internet where the employers placed the ads for their projects and acquire the skilled people openly from anywhere. In this way people could offer their skills, and being a part of a project they can earn money while they are sitting at home.

Here we list some of the reliable freelance websites which you can visit to start your career or as an employer you get advantage from those:


A place to get services and provide services. A variety of quality projects are available on this network under different categories.


This is the world’s largest online service marketplace. Thousands of opportunities are opened here all the time for freelance workers and employers could also find skilled persons according to their projects.


With guaranteed work, guaranteed payment slogan oDesk is a place to hire, manage, and pay a distributed work team just like as if everyone were in your office.


The world’s most diverse on-line services marketplace. On this platform different buyers post the projects and requires the skilled persons all over the world. Users can browse categories to find out the project of their choices. It requires registration which is free of cost.


GetAFreelancer is now Freelancer, here hundreds of thousands skill workers are available to be a part of the projects.

Scriptlance is resource with hundreds of projects of different categories, skilled workers and uses reliable methods for payments as Checks, PayPal, Bank Wire etc.


A wide variety of projects, services, and experienced skilled workers are available on this platform.


A bulk amount of coders are registered on this web service. For high quality IT projects the skilled workers could be selected from here.


On this site freelancers could find work opportunities and projects whereas the employers could find the required work force according to their projects.


This online service is a global market place which offers the manpower related resources. Freelancers, job seekers and employers can find a range of opportunities according to their requirements.