Control your expenses using the personal finance apps which helps you to keep a track of your spending’s. There are wide varieties of personal apps for your business and personal use. Depending upon your budget requirement it is advisable to select one good finance app for your device. As HTC One X is an android based operating system, there are many business management apps for the Android smart phones.

Best Business Management Apps for the HTC One X:

PageOnce: Page once is picked by Goggle as one of the finest in the market, in the field of business management apps. It helps us to pay the bills. It is award winning finance app which help you to organise and track cash, payday loans, bills, credit cards and savings. It provides security to the information and data which we use. Page once apps alerts timely and before time when the bills are to be paid. This app can be used and accessed from anywhere.

Bloomberg: it is the earliest and first featured finance app available for the android. Many people around the world are depended up on this business app to get the updates from the financial markets. By installing this on your device you can get latest news from the market that is changing. Some of the important stories of the day are selected from the editors of Bloomberg to update its customers about the stock markets. You can get all the information about currency markets, Equity, Bonds, and commodity.

MoneyManger: it is one the best for tracking you money transactions. This helps you to track the spending’s of your cash. With more than 3, 25,000 downloads it is the famous business manager app for the android. One of the features is that you get ads based on the content and if you don’t want the ads you can disable them. It gives the reports on weekly basis, monthly basis and yearly basis, and also supports multiple currencies of many countries.

Mortgage calculator: It is simple to use application for android mobile. It calculates the mortgage loans, monthly payment amount base on price, Interest rates and Tenure of years. Also gives the graphs and flow charts to show the balance and expenses, it also works as the basic calculations. Its recent version is 1.3. To have this on your device the minimum requirement is the android 2.1. This is best experienced when you want to apply for the mortgage loans, payday loans. you can calculate the interest rates and to know exactly what amount is to be paid depending up on your budget.

Documents To Go: This apps allows you to access Microsoft office files like word, excel, & power point documents from anywhere. The files formats supports are like .doc, .xls, ppt…etc. the spread sheets features are excellent.

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