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Top 5 great Rumors for iPad mini

Technology giant Apple is always in the news when the flagship company is closer to launching any of their products including phones and tablets. The case is no different with the possible release of Apple’s new smaller tablet named as the Ipad mini and market is buzzing with rumors and news on the possible features

The new iPod nano from Apple has been announced

The new iPod nano for 2010 has just been revealed. Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. at its latest media event on 1st September, 2010, announced the sixth generation model of the iPod Nano. The design of the new iPod nano is based on a new high resolution “square” multi touch screen.

Apple?S Ipad -An Attractive Touch Screen Device

Apple?S Ipad -An Attractive Touch Screen Device Apple has just announced the looming release of the iPad, a touch screen device that could revolutionize the electronics industry. Apple says the Touch was meant mainly to present typical iPad features, not to replicate the iPhone, and it included the Web browser only so users could get

Finger Painting on iPad

Here is an amazing video of iPad utilization by an artist David Kassan. He created a finger painting on iPad through iPad brushes app in three hours for his live model.