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Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Operating System

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Operating System offers a brand new integration associated with much better protection, specialized feature, administration and it is management. This is dependant on the actual Home windows operating-system Landscape using its functions it gives you, although the 2008 edition may be the heir from the 2003 and also the finalized item

The Hidden Features of Microsoft Excel

I got positive feedback on my previous post of How to Make faster Working in Microsoft Word I am continuing  with Microsoft Excel shortcuts. I don’t know how many Microsoft Excel users take advantage of all its features or even know such features exist. Probably very few ones. Although I have used this software a

How to Make faster Working in Microsoft Word

Today I am here with a collection of Microsoft Word shortcuts which are saving me much time when writing. Why to delete one letter at a time, when you can delete a whole word using the same amount of commands? Why to scroll or to press PageDown I don’t know how many times, when you

Windows Vista Transformation Pack

The Windows Vista Transformation Pack (VTP) is a collection of programs created by Windows X. These are third party programs i.e. not proprietary Microsoft products, the objective of which is to provide a simulation of the graphical appearance of the Windows Vista operating system on computers installed with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

Apply to Folders Settings Permanently

If you want to set folders settings permanently like ‘View’ to display ‘Details’ then you will have to expect it to apply to all folders of that type. The secret of success is to realize that it’s a two stage process.  Firstly we will select the columns that we want, such as ‘Date modified,’ secondly