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Name of Animal Groups and Babies

Animal groups and babies frequently have strange names like baby sharks are called pups, baby kangaroos are called joeys.

Osama bin Laden killed in Pakistan

US president confirms al-Qaeda leader’s death, saying he has been killed in firefight following US raid in Abbottabad. US president Barack Obama said bin Laden, the most-wanted fugitive on the US list, had been killed on Sunday in a US operation in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, about 61km north of Islamabad. “Tonight, I can

Schedule of ICC World Cup 2011

Cricket Schedule of ICC World Cup 2011. Fixtures of ICC World Cup 2011 has been announced. The first schedule match of ICC World Cup 2011 between India vs Bangladesh begins Feb 19, 2011 onwards. Keep viewing CriSchedule for latest updates on Cricket Schedule and Fixtures of upcoming ICC World Cup 2011.

15 Free Online File Sharing Resources

Now a day’s technology and systems are capable of processing large files like Photoshop and Illustrator. These files are large in size and not easy to share with clients and peers. There are two ways generally use emailing and sharing via hosting account. But as everyone knows that attachment of email has limitation. Sharing via

Promotional Websites to Promote and Submit Your Design Related Articles and News

There are a lot of bookmarking and voting sites to promote your posts and articles. And if you submit your post or article or news on each of those sites regularly you can get a huge traffic of new and regular visitors in very short time. You can get many unique visitors on you site

World’s 1st 256 GB Flash Drive

Ref#:- Kingston Technology, the world leader of storage memory has announced launch an enormous product that is world’s first 256 GB USB flash drive, the Kingston Technology DataTraveler 300. You can now store thousands of images (and maybe tens of thousands of documents?) easily in a tiny device attached to your house keys or

Supercharge your messaging

Get creative with all the ways you can connect online, starting with a more powerful Hotmail® and Windows Live™ Messenger. Windows Live has taken Hotmail to a whole new level—with a consolidated address book, new layout, and the helpful new features our users demanded. Plus, now that you can IM your Messenger contacts while checking

Future of Web (Writing Semantic HTML)

Writing Semantic HTML Semantic HTML means using HTML tags for their implied meaning, rather than just using (meaningless) div and span tags for absolutely everything. Why would you want to do this? Depending on the tag, the content in the tag can be interpreted in a certain way. Here are some examples. Header tags If

A revert story (A.R. Rahman)‏

Islam gives me peace – A R Rahman 27 05 2008 From a non-believer to a worshiper; from polytheist to monotheist; from Dileep Kumar to Allah Rakha Rahman, the famous music wizard has come a long way. This journey, he says, has completely changed his outlook toward life. Rahman is well-known in India. He revolutionized

Logitech Gaming Mouse

Change the grip. Change the weight. Customize the LEDs. Even use onboard memory to take up to 5 mouse profiles with you to the next LAN party. In every way, the G9 mouse lets you tune for the way you play. And now add the ID Grip for the G9 Mouse.