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How To Reset a Windows 7 Password

Insert either your Windows 7 installation DVD, or a Windows 7 System Repair disc, into your optical drive and then restart your computer. If you have either on a flash drive, that’ll work too. Tip: See How to Boot From a CD, DVD, or BD Disc or How to Boot From a USB Device if you’ve never booted from portable media before or

Signs That Describes The Need For a Computer Repair

In this world of 21st century that is surely the age of the computer system. The computer systems are utilized everywhere these days. These can be found in an office, at a shopping mall, in a school and various other places around you and when they stop working due to some reason and the tasks

Data recovery and its Techniques

Data recovery is the process of retrieving the data from a damaged device, unknown deletion or corruption. This is handling data from damaged, corrupted, failed or inaccessible storage media. Often data is backed up into external storage devices so that if something goes wrong you can restore the backed up data.

Top 10 PC Storage Solutions

With pretty much every business going online, and entrepreneurs coming up in all corners of the world, the internet is being used like never before. This also results in an increasing demand for backup systems. Enter the world of storage devices, where there are solutions for all kinds of needs, whether it’s to backup Lego

Must Have Firefox Addons to Boost the Productivity of Bloggers

Firefox is currently the ultimate choice for bloggers because of its awesome collection of addons. These addons provide a lot of flexibility by reducing the necessity of separate tools for different tasks of blogging. This saves a lot of time required in managing different tools and thus increases the overall productivity of Blogger. In this

Enabling Automatic Login in MAC

If you want to enable Automatic Login mode, create a non-Administrator account to use. That way, even if someone does get access to your Mac, they won’t be able to use the Administrator account. Of course, you might have to log out and then log back in as the Administrator, but this strategy provides a

Copy Songs of Playlist to Folder with M3U to Folder

Every user make playlist of his/her selected of favorite songs which they like to listen every time. Playlist file has a special file format which is M3U and M3U8. These formats contain file name and location. Whenever user wants to copy his selection of songs in any other device or in any portable media or

TOP 5 Viruses of Computer

A virus is a computer program, as small as just a few lines of code, which loads itself into a host computer without the user’s knowledge or permission. It then performs certain functions, either benign or damaging, and reproduces itself to spread onto other computers, via an e-mail program, removable media or another “vector.” Viruses

Difference of Macbook and Macbook Pro

Macbook and Macbook Pro is confusing for buyers that what is the basic difference in both. The common thoughts are about Macbook Pros is latest and batter version of Mac family. But still lacking of knowledge that how Macbook Pro is better than others. I have reviewed features of both and get those points which

How to Activate or Register Windows XP

Follow this method and make your Windows XP Genuine.