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How to Get the Most Out of Your YouTube Downloader

Suppose if you are watching your favorite program on internet, or a lecture video how will you watch it? You will first find the website. Then open the video if the video open on your computer then you will you will wait for it to be load. If your net is fast then it will

Learning how To Convert Video into MP3

Everyone enjoys listening to some good music. Some people relish new songs while some still like the old ones. Usually, songs from the latest movies are found very easily on various websites, but finding songs of older movies is a tedious task. Most of the old songs are found nowhere on the internet. This is

The Hidden Features of Microsoft Excel

I got positive feedback on my previous post of How to Make faster Working in Microsoft Word I am continuing  with Microsoft Excel shortcuts. I don’t know how many Microsoft Excel users take advantage of all its features or even know such features exist. Probably very few ones. Although I have used this software a

How to Make faster Working in Microsoft Word

Today I am here with a collection of Microsoft Word shortcuts which are saving me much time when writing. Why to delete one letter at a time, when you can delete a whole word using the same amount of commands? Why to scroll or to press PageDown I don’t know how many times, when you

Best Business Rental Software And Rental System

Best Business Rental Software And Rental System Nowadays technology has expand their market tremendously in web world and just like the technology suppliers have also finding the ways for rental software product for the purpose of easier to use. Biggest benefit is “abstraction” now here we talking on the meaning of abstraction is where online

Copy Songs of Playlist to Folder with M3U to Folder

Every user make playlist of his/her selected of favorite songs which they like to listen every time. Playlist file has a special file format which is M3U and M3U8. These formats contain file name and location. Whenever user wants to copy his selection of songs in any other device or in any portable media or