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Tips for a successful eCommerce Website

Running an eCommerce website can be a rewarding experience; doing so allows business owners to run their own virtual storefronts from the convenience of their own computers. Implementing an eCommerce platform on an existing site is a great way to turn page views into real sales. Furthermore, those who may have only been able to

Tricks and tips to find trendy topics for niche blog

While you begin to work on a blog, the most important decision that you should likely take should not be about the domain name, theme monetization or blogging frequency. Before you work on these imperatives, you should focus on what exactly will go in the blog or what niche the blog will focus on and

Enable CURL in WAMP Server

CURL will not be enabled by default in WAMP when you install wamp server in your PC. Every php programmer have to use CURL to make remote connection.

The Do-it-Yourself Website Promotion Tricks

You have your own website, now what? In order to succeed online, you will need website promotion so your site would be visible to everyone connected to the Internet. It is a common belief that all websites are searchable by search engines. It’s not as simple as it seems. Website promotion entails a lot of work. Website promotion suggests that submitting

10 Effective SEO Tips to Impress Website Visitors and Search Engines

If you are doing efforts professionally with your SEO (search engine optimization) and keep your customer in mind before you start considering “what the search engines will think” you will reap a lot more than what you sow Chances are, if your visitors like your website, there is a very good likelihood that the search

The Hidden Features of Microsoft Excel

I got positive feedback on my previous post of How to Make faster Working in Microsoft Word I am continuing  with Microsoft Excel shortcuts. I don’t know how many Microsoft Excel users take advantage of all its features or even know such features exist. Probably very few ones. Although I have used this software a

How to Make faster Working in Microsoft Word

Today I am here with a collection of Microsoft Word shortcuts which are saving me much time when writing. Why to delete one letter at a time, when you can delete a whole word using the same amount of commands? Why to scroll or to press PageDown I don’t know how many times, when you

Maximum and Minimum Width Solution for All Browsers

min-width and max-width is very useful command of CSS, whereby you can specify a minimum width for any element. This can be particularly useful for specifying a minimum width for a page.

How to Insert the Post Title in a Email of Feedburner Subject Field

If you have already subscribed to my email feed (or other site’s email feed), you’d normally see the same annoying email subject on every new post delivered to your email Inbox. Normally it would show my Blog’s name on every email you received. Well, no more! Starting from today, you’ll see the post title on

Enabling Automatic Login in MAC

If you want to enable Automatic Login mode, create a non-Administrator account to use. That way, even if someone does get access to your Mac, they won’t be able to use the Administrator account. Of course, you might have to log out and then log back in as the Administrator, but this strategy provides a