Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites to work with. It is exciting, informative, and highly addictive. Focus on the last word: Addictive. Yes, social networking can be highly addictive. Facebook is really a great social network that allows friends, colleagues, family members, and other known people to stay connected while sharing their feelings, pictures, and videos. In fact, Facebook has become such an addiction to the daily life that we keep checking the Facebook status on a regular basis, and that too several times a day. In fact, people are getting too much dependent on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

There are several clues that can prove whether we are addicted to Facebook or not. However, no need of doing those extensive research work at all. How about taking the help of Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale to learn whether you are truly addicted to Facebook or not.

Researchers from the University of Bergen have developed a very unique instrument to measure the addiction level of people on using the social networking site: Facebook. According to researchers, Facebook addiction is more common among younger users. Also, those people who are socially insecure and somewhat anxious in nature have a tendency to use this particular social networking site more for communication purpose. These type of people find it a bit awkward to physically communicate. They find it much easier to communicate via the social media.

A certain category of people who have a very ambitious and organized approach towards life have less chance of getting addicted to the Facebook. To be more precise, they will mostly use Facebook to expand on the business and work networking while trying to get some additional benefit on their work prospect. Researchers also indicate the fact that the female gender are more likely to get addicted to Facebook due to the site’s easy socializing nature. Some researchers have also stated the fact that Facebook addiction is somewhat related to strong extraversion. In fact, according to the new instrument, a lot of people who face strong addiction with Facebook has a delayed sleep and wake-up rhythm.

Now let’s discuss about the 6 warning signs related to Facebook Addiction:

Facebook has become a very ubiquitous element in our daily life. The impact is very similar to television during the eighties and nineties era. However, Facebook accessing is much easier and faster unlike television. Also, people fail to understand whether they are getting addicted to this social networking site or not. According to Cecilie Schou Andreassen, Head of the Facebook Addiction Research team,University of Bergen, symptoms of such addiction may well resemble alcohol addiction, chemical substance addiction, and drug addiction.

Bergen "Facebook Addiction" Scale is mainly based on 6 basic criteria. Each of these criteria are scored in the scale of 1-5.

1- Very Rarely
2 – Rarely
3 – Sometimes
4 – Often
5 – Very often:

Now lets have a look at the 6 criteria that signifies Facebook Addiction:

  1. A person takes a lot of time just in thinking about the Facebook and keeps planning about how to use it
  2. A person feels the necessary urge to use Facebook more often than usual
  3. A person is using Facebook to forget about his/her personal problems.
  4. A person has tried hard to cut down on the overall use of this Social Networking site without achieving any success
  5. A person becomes extremely restless or irritated if he/she is prohibited from using the social networking site
  6. A person keeps using Facebook so often that it causes some serious negative impact to jobs or studies

Now, let’s see how the device work on the scoring and criteria. As per the concept, if a person scores 4 and 5 on a minimum four out of the given six criteria, then it can be said that that person is strongly addicted to Facebook.

However, the researchers haven’t suggested the necessary solution that can be used to fight against such an addictive behavior. Also, researchers haven’t concluded anything that proves the real DAMAGING power of Facebook Addiction. Only the future will decide whether being addicted heavily to Facebook or any other social networking site can be really harmful or not. It is a debatable topic that needs a clear introduction as well a very brief yet compact conclusion. Facebook addiction is an issue that never gets much of the limelight.

People find it very usual to remain on this site for open, while making status updates, chatting with friends, and sharing some raunchy gossips. However, Facebook addiction can be quite fatal after a certain stage. So, be very careful in case addiction is slowly grabbing you towards the Facebook.

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