What is Emoinstaller?

Emoinstaller is an application especially developed for Facebook users to express emotions along with their text messages. It is a repository of animated icons that imparts visual quality to chat conversations. The software is Windows-based and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Facebook is one of the largest social networks that have brought people closer from all across the globe. It provides a huge online platform to people from all walks of life to share their experiences, chat for fun, make friends, share picture galleries and discuss great events. To make the chat sessions more enjoyable, Facebook provides a fairly large number of emoticons to its users for embedding into their messages, and Emoinstaller further complements the Facebook’s collection so as to provide the users with unlimited options of expressions and moods.

What are Facebook emoticons?

Emoticons are animated icons that speak symbolic words and communicate feelings such as love, pleasure and humor. Emoinstaller provides over 900 Facebook emoticons for men, women, young, old and children. They have a variety of styles, colors, sizes and animations. These FB chat emoticons have been divided into fourteen categories to facilitate users in finding and selecting what they need, for example, if you are chatting in romantic mood, you can choose an emoticon from the Love category and send it to your friend on the opposite side. Size and animation of an emoticon will further inject strength into your message for attention and action. The symbols are countless! You can have one for occasions like valentine, events like Christmas, situations like war, and intentions like going on the beach. Chat emoticons are available in three sizes – small, medium and large.

Emoticons as symbols of universal language

Symbols and icons don’t need any kind of interpretation to understand when exchanged between people speaking different languages. These icons can make it possible to for a Chinese individual to express his or her emotions with a person living in Scandinavia or Latin America. Their vast variety can overcome the language barriers under many circumstances as the messages can be conveyed with absolutely no text entered from the keyboard.

Fun-filled and Creative Touch

Emoinstaller opens new frontiers of creative touch and fun-filled chat experience on Facebook. The additional fascinating emoticons have made Facebook more addictive by providing it an artistic touch, humorous flavor and romantic feelings. Instead of using the same icons again and again, Emoinstaller provides an environment that can meet your needs of several chat sessions with unique symbols every time.

Boost Your Facebook Fun with Emoinstaller

Emoticons are animations of smiley faces and faces expressing a variety of emotions. They have become integral part of almost all chat and online communication software tools. People really feel fun while mixing their texts with small pictures or communicating their messages solely through icons. The combined collection of Facebook and Emoinstaller is so huge that it will fetch you almost every emoticon you think about. The icons are continuously evolving in terms of quality and Emoinstaller has imparted such aesthetic looks that people are now mad about using them while chatting with each other.

Demonstrate your emotions when words are not enough

In daily life conversation, the meaning of same words could be different if spoken with different face impressions. But how can we express our emotions if the person is not in front of us as is the situation when we chat with each other. If you want to convey that you are really awesome or kidding, then emoticons and smileys are there for you to use!

Browser Support

Emoinstaller works with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. But remember the software is required on both sides of the chat conversation. Your friend won’t be able to see your emoticons if he is not having Emoinstaller on his computer system. Fortunately, it is free to download, easy to install and friendly to use.


If you are not satisfied with the collection of emoticons that Facebook provides, then download and install Emoinstaller. It will make your chat conversations and messages more colorful and attractive. The Facebook software is friendly to use and provides all kinds of tastes while doing online chats with friends, family members or colleagues. It adds hundreds of new exciting emoticons to Facebook for use in chat and messages.