Ever since the iPhone 5 hit the market, cellphone lovers have gone crazy. Within a couple od days of its launching, the iPhone 5 became out of stock. It is probably the best iPhone to come out from the house of Apple. It is a small world that brings everything together, well compact and nicely assembled. Those who have upgraded to iPhone 5 from the earlier version iPhone 4, they can be more than satisfied with the changes. Although minute discrepancies remain, but still, iPhone 5 is well ahead of its predecessor.

The iPhone 5 comes bundled with many new and amazing features. To be very frank, these features will definitely be of much help to the small business owners. Some of the features present in iPhone 5 are definitely part of iOS6 that is totally compatible with older Apple mobile devices like iPhone, iPod, and and iPad.
Among the wide range of features that iPhone 5 comes with, let’s have a look at some that small business owners can truly benefit from.

First, let’s discuss about the hardware features:

Screen size has become a tag larger. Also, better brightness can be felt. While earlier versions of iPhone used to have a 3.5" screen size, the version 5 comes with a 4" screen size. Brightness has been worked on and is much improved this time due to presence of LED-Backlit IPS TFT retina display with 16m color.

This iPhone 5 features an inbuilt wireless system based ont he LTE technology that offers faster network speed. Email downloads & web browsing just got lightening faster. There is a 3G connectivity that allows the emails and pages to load instantly. There is also a "Save for later" feature int he iPhone’s Safari browser that allows the pages to view offline while at flight mode or when no internet connection is present.

iPhone 5 offers improved audio listening experience. It features a special Noise Cancellation technology for clear and crisp audio hearing experience. The phone is equipped with 3 microphones. While taking calls on the phone’s speaker, improved performance can be experienced. The headphones that Apple include with this new version of iPhone are more comfortable and offers better hearing aid. The speakers of the headphones have been largely worked on and definitely offer improved sound experience.

The iPhone 5 also comes with a much improved camera that offers fast picture taking speed and better HDR capabilities.The 8mp camera supports panaromic photo shots up to 24 degrees angle. An additional feature is that iPhone 5 allows the user to take a photo even when the phone is locked. It helps in taking instant snaps during times of emergency.

Now, let’s discuss about the software features:

The iOS6 comes packed with some very effective software apps. There is an app called FaceTime Over Cellular. Using this apps, the user can easily call someone without hunting for WiFi connectivity. Simply call using the Face Time. However, with AT&T wireless, the user need to avail for a new data sharing plan to enjoy this feature. This app also allows the phone to serve as a cool hotspot for the laptops and other similar devices. A bonus!

The iPhone 5 comes with a much improved email app. The efficiency level of email app in the new iPhone can be felt through a number of ways. The phone features a new VIP email folder for viewing and storing all important messages. In fact, the user can checkout the folder to view the complete list of important messages all assembled in one single list. This features allows the user to respond to all the important mails first before checking out on the less prioritized ones. The voice dictation mode is bit more easier to operate in iOS6.

Simply hit the record button in the iPhone’s keyboard and start with the diction. Once finished, press the ‘done’ tab. Every spoken out will flash on the screen a few seconds later. The application is great for creating email, notes, etc. The app offers great accuracy level and helps in saving a lot of quality time.

More calling options comes with the iPhone 5. Handling calls just got easier and better. Want to decline a call? Good enough, but at the same time just send a pre-defined text message to the caller. How about adding a reminder to call that person at a later stage/ these features are available in iPhone 5.

Social networking is the smartest thing to carryout in a smart phone. The iPhone 5 is no exception. In fact, the phone offers deeper integration option for social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. There are numerous apps available on the phone that allows the user to update their status on Twitter and Facebook.
A very effective app that comes with iPhone 5 is the Passbook. This app allows the user to gather and place all the available tickets together. Be it movie tickets, boarding passes, or something similar, organize them all together under a single hood – The Passbook App. The app offers easy retrieval of the tickets when required. An amazing feature is the scanning of ticket bar codes. It can be done right from the phone. Well, not done with, yet! This amazing app can work according to location and time too. What does this implies? The boarding pass will appear automatically once arrived at the associated airport.

And finally, the iPhone 5 comes with a much improved Siri, the sweet virtual assistant. It now has more brains to understand additional queries of the user. It can help the user in finding a good restaurant in the locality, can add a calendar reminder, send email to some specific personal, and do more things this time.

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