Increase Your Readership Using Facebook Timeline

Facebook is now considered as the most effective marketing platform in the current business world. By having some of the new and advance level features and creative kind of Facebook timeline, the online marketing has turned more effective than the past. Earlier, the idea of timeline was considered to be an optional feature, however, now you can call it as an important part of your profile, which is hard to ignore. Though Facebook Timeline doesn’t allow fancy landing pages, which allow you to collect email addresses or share the free downloads (ebooks samples), along with forbidding the call to action and couple of other direct marketing jargons, yet it gives you enough opportunity to engage your readers, which are discussed below.

Large images give better visibility

The Facebook timeline renders you an opportunity to inflate your appearance and visual content of your profile. Hence if you use your business ad over your profiles, the message in it could be presented in an appealing fashion to your prospective customers, which was not seen in the past.

Develop compelling content

Regardless of the online marketing method you use, the content you have at your blogs, websites or any other method is considered as the most vital ingredient. You are supposed to incorporate compelling content including effective videos, good pictures and creative story updates, which can ultimately play a vital role in developing a good fan base for your business at the end.

Use Facebook ads

Now, you have better reasons to use Timeline for your online marketing by using Facebook ads. By limiting your branding choices to the Timeline, businesses (and also the authors) have better opportunity to buy ads. The Facebook ads therefore have proved out to be the best deal for online marketers. Using relevant and compelling ads can help you in bringing good amount of ad viewers for you.

Check the new Facebook offers

The new idea of Facebook offers could be compared to any story based coupon messaging system. It helps the user to widen and distribute a number of promotional marketing campaigns in the form of effective messages over this social networking site.

The Facebook Reach Generator

The content over any specific page could be easily viewed by around 15 percent of your entire fan base without any doubt. Since the arrival of the feature called ‘Reach Generator’ over Facebook, any user has the facility to now pay for presenting some content over the newsfeed to around 65 percent at the average rate. This could be called as the most unique and beneficial deal especially when you talk about the online marketing strategies.

Featuring the Key Tabs and applications over Timeline

The Timeline over Facebook helps you in customizing the thumbnails. You could get to see a top header image. At the same time you can display up to eight different thumbnails using this new Timeline. The most incredible feature of the new Timeline is that you could easily expand it by displaying around 12 different applications at the same time. Adding a URL of your site or blog could be a good idea to attract your fan base to Like your Twitter feed or Facebook Page. By using appropriate apps that can attract people, you could certainly engage your prospects and followers in a better way.

Final word

When you talk about business, it is often recommended to broaden up your horizons and try to reach out to the extremities. Luckily, the new Facebook Timeline gives you better opportunity to share, interact and to reach out to the crowd in a better way. Hence it is simply not about carrying out business over the Timeline, it is more about increasing your fan base and finding a new dimension.

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