Website designing is a work of art and only the best can carryout this task with immense responsibility. The introduction of internet has allowed the businesses to become more global than what they used to be beforehand. Theoretically, those who run small sized businesses, the connection with partners and clients is based mainly through the help of internet. In fact, the web allows these small businesses to get connected to anyone from anywhere in the world without carrying out large capital investment. The introduction of web world has allowed the people to carryout link developing process through a much better and easier process while investing very little money. Henceforth, one must focus strongly on the web development phase. In fact, the website development phase does have a strong connection to the business world on their linking towards the outer world. The web development phase should be carried out in such a manner that it appeals to the international audience as well the local clients with a tremendous positive impact.

Tools for the trade

What makes the difference is Careful Planning. In fact, a design can only become successful if the planning is carried out in a careful way. The planning should revolve around the international as well local audience. However, it should be more focused on the international audiences. The right tools need to be selected and this should be done at the beginning of the project start-up. Using the right tools can definitely help in proceeding with the website designing phase with a positive intent. Designing the website for global audience is the ultimate goal. This can be done only using the right set of tools.

Let’s focus on an example:

If we use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for website development purpose, the content of the website remains separated from the designing. It helps in making the entire process of adapting the content for those specified target markets easier. The developer can be able to easily tailor the website content to some particular language or according to a country without taking the tiresome approach of recreating each and every page right from the scratch. In fact the direction of the text can be easily modified without going through much of jargon. In fact, this process can be very useful for those who looks for translating web contents being written in critical languages like Hebrew, Arabic, etc. The use of character coding tools like that of Unicode UTF-8 can be extremely useful. The tool is totally compatible with several different languages. Also these tools allow the user to easily switch between different characters and scripts without the carrying out any extra work.

From darkness to light

The color rule is necessary follow while carrying out the development and designing of websites targeted solely for international audiences. There are certain color rules that apply for every purpose. A common example will be using white text for a yellow background is often considered a strict NO NO. It creates a lot of illusion because of the uncleared look. It results in causing eye strain. If such a design is present in a website, then the number of visitors will soon dry away.

Next, it is about considering the cultural aspects when picking the color combination. Colors can highlight different meanings in certain cultures. This is what that needs to be borne in mind. Lets highlight an example: in the western culture, White is considered a color that represents peace and cleanliness. It also represents wedding. The same color is associated with death in certain Asian cultures. Let’s site another example: the color Red represents passion or danger in the Western Europe as well North American countries. However, the same color represents Purity in Asian countries like India and Bangladesh. The color Orange is associated with Fall in the United States. However, the color has a tremendous religious connotations in places like Northern Ireland.

Looking at the above examples, it is always best to consult a web expert when carrying out the designing and color combination process for websites. Without the right consultation process, the chances of gaining attention over the international audiences can face a serious jolting.

Not only color but do consider the cultural sensitivities when uploading image and content in a website. Always remember, straight replication between two particular countries may not reap the best of results. Be very careful when uploading symbol images as certain symbols has double meanings.

Finally, the site should not be dependent on Flash media. It can be highly frustrating when a surfer has to download flash player to view website content. So, stay away from flash and develop the website content that opens in every browser without the headache of downloading any external software tool.

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