Epe Foam

Raghav industries manufacturing Epe Foam,established in Himachal Pradesh among the notable, superior and far-famed packaging material provider and manufacturers. We are founded in 2010 and having 5000 tonne per annum production ability.We provide well advanced and wide varieties of EPE Foam products.For more details,call @ +91-9805023351 ADDRESS- V.P.O BASAL DISTRICT UNA, HIMACHAL PRADESH PIN CODE-

Epe Foam Sheet

Epe Foam Sheet commonly seen in several sectors like packing up of electronic goods and gentle materials such as furniture, appliances, instruments, handicrafts, gift wares, wood wares, glass, porcelain, architecture waterproof designs, carpet under-layers, sound insulation, journey cases and so on.Raghav industries provide a wide variety of Epe Products that include Epe Foam,Epe Foam Sheet

Epe Foam Roll Manufacturers in India

Epe Foam Roll Manufacturers in India,on account of its vast functionality i.e. Light and strong, good adaptive, force reduction capabilities,constant after continuous impact, semi-rigid, low heat conductivity value and good heat insulation, single foamy material, non-water-absorbing, foamy and waterproof – strong buoyancy, excellent periodic durability, good shock proofing and noise insulation,easy shape processing, least foam,