The Never Forgettable Musical Mamma Mia

It is estimated that over 50 million from the globe have not only watched Mamma Mia, but also enjoyed its characters and fallen in love with the music and the storyline. It is a feel good show which is based on songs from ABBA. ABBA was an internationally acclaimed Swedish pop group that topped the charts several times in Europe, Australia and North America between 1972 and 1982.

Originally, the cast of this musical consisted of Hilton McRae, Lisa stoke and Siobhan McCarthy. Although there was a movie adaptation of Mamma Mia, the theatre production is taunted to be the best due to the choreography, lighting and the many musical numbers.

The storyline revolves around a daughter-Sophie Sheridan, who is getting married. Her independent mother, Donna is not very happy with her decision. The problem is that Sophie doesn’t know her real father and she wants to find out who he is before she gets married. Sophie goes through her mother’s journal and comes up with three candidates-Sam, Harry and Bill, who can be her real dad. Sam is an American architect, Bill a Swedish adventure and writer while Harry is a British banker. She decides to invite the three men to a Greek island that they had all visited some twenty years back just before her nuptials. Her mother on the other hand invites her best friends-Tanya, a rich divorced woman and Rosie, a carefree woman, who is has never been married. The three friends are glad to be together and spend most of their time catching up. Donna is shocked when her three ex-lovers arrive and she shares her distress with her friends.

The writer of Mamma Mia-Catherine- tells this tale that that takes place in the Greek islands in such as funny and witty way that leaves the viewers captivated. The musical takes the viewer through Donna and Sophie stay on the Greek Magical island where they try to figure out who her real father is. This enchanting love story is told in a magical way through the timeless songs by ABBA, such as Mamma Mia, Chiquitita, Dancing Queen and Lay All Your Love for Me, among others. Mamma Mia has an unpredictable ending as the three men promise to walk Sophie down the aisle, each claiming to be her biological father. This mother and daughter comedy is one of the best musical of all times and everyone has the time of their lives watching it.

In West End, the musical premiered in the prince Edward theatre on April 6th 1999. On June 9th 2004, Mamma Mia was moved to Prince of Wales Theatre, where it showed until 2012 when it was transferred to Novello Theatre starting from September 2012.