Tips to protect your website with WordPress Plugins

Tips to protect your website with WordPress Plugins If your website’s contents have been copied by foreign visitors or you fear that they will be in the near future then this article is probably of best use to you and to any website owner. Protecting one’s contents is of utmost importance and the use of WordPress Plugins has evolved as a relevant tool in the modern day act of protecting contents on one’s website.

1. iCopyright

iCopyright article tool is of great help when one wants to secure his website’s content. The world’s leading publishers use this tool and with the help of this you can turn the offenders into your customers or secure a hefty fine on their act of copyright breaches.

2. WP-Copyright Protection

WP-Copyright Protection is another tool which disables most of the browsers from copying images or texts. The tool is simple and easy to use as well.

3. Copyright proof

Copyright proof is of great importance. You can attain a digital certificate of your contents which makes you its certified owner and the offender can be charged by its legal provisions.

4. Automatic Copyright

Automatic Copyright is the automatic copyrighting of your contents on the basis of the first and last post given in your WordPress database. The notice is generated automatically.

5. (C)-Feed

In this the IP address of the feeder along with his fingerprint and copyright report can be added. The tool is interactive and the entire RSS feed is delivered even on the use of WordPress 2.1 to 2.5. The copyright report can be filed on the use of entry excerpts as well.

6. Tynt Insight

Tynt Insight For WordPress is another tool in this regard. The tool is easily downloadable and is a modified and simplified version of the famous tool TYNT. It enables the user to easily apply the disability to copy materials from his website. Any act of copying results into the pasting of the source link only and not the material itself.

7. Adding a Copyright Report

Adding a copyright report at the end of each article or blog is a good way to stop unwanted copying from your website as well. However, it is not as effective as the other tools.

8. DupeOff

The tool DupeOff helps to check plagiarism. Any similar content copied from a site is detected and alerted. This helps in checking theft of selected contents like paragraphs and phrases as the entire sequence of words is checked with respect to the page.The tools helps to avoid the boring process of using search engines and is quite effective and efficient.

9. Faster Image Insert

Faster Image Insert also helps in faster uploading of images by providing a meta-box and not the conventional lightbox just below the WYSIWYG visual editor. Multiple images or even galleries can be inserted at once with the help of this tool which helps in a better image uploading experience. With the help of faster image uploading the risk of theft while under uploading process via interconnected networks is minimized.

10. WP HashCash

WP HashCash is a plugin which helps in combating spam attacks on your website especially on WordPress Blogs. The visitors to a website use obfuscated javascripts to prove that the website was opened from a computer and not a robot. However, on failure of the javascript check the tool provides you with three options which are Delete comment, put comment in moderation or put comment in akismet queue.
With the increasing threats of unauthorized content copying rising at a drastic rate, the above listed methods of protecting contents with the use of WordPress plugins should be applied by every website owner to protect one’s valued data.

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