With the advent of the internet, there are a large number of people who have taken to the internet to provide the publicity for their products and services. The number of people visiting the internet has also increased substantially. That is the reason why one can consider the internet to be an exceptionally beneficial source for any company to provide the right amount of publicity to their products and services. However, in order to have a successful internet marketing strategy, a settled business model is highly crucial.

A business model is an action or a structure that helps to represent the various activities taking place within any business. The process plays an extremely crucial role in attracting a large volume of customers without having to spend much money. Since a business model is such a crucial part of internet marketing, it is highly essential to select the proper business model that suits any business. Mentioned below are three of the most influential business models that find use more often than others.


The process involves the publishing of the most fundamental aspects about the product in a creative manner. The creativity helps to attract the customers while the information helps them to understand and know the features of the products better. Every aspect of the advertisement used in this process must be carefully chosen so that they are able to appeal to customers and prompt them to buy the product. Advertising is an extremely crucial aspect of internet marketing. This is because of the great potentiality that the process of advertising has in convincing the large number of customers to buy any given product.

Affiliate Marketing

This is the process where one company promotes the products of other companies through its own website. In return, they get a commission if a product gets sold due to the referral. This business model finds use in most websites in order to get an increased volume of traffic. This increase in the volume of traffic will gradually increase the number of sales clocked by the website. No company can do the affiliate marketing for their own products. However, they can have another company to do that for them. There will always be the involvement of commissions. However, there are several companies that offer free promotion, which can be highly profitable to any company.

Network Marketing

This is a crafty business model that involves the promotion of a distributional method. The method distributes the goods through a chain of distributors who make a lot of money be selling products and convincing others to buy the product too. The income of every distributer depends on the number of sales that they can make using their network. This business model has the potential to enable to company earn a lot of profit.

Advertising, Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing- these are three most commonly used business models used by most SEO experts for providing adequate publicity to any website. These are the methods that help to bring in the most number of visitors to any website.

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