Technology giant Apple is always in the news when the flagship company is closer to launching any of their products including phones and tablets. The case is no different with the possible release of Apple’s new smaller tablet named as the Ipad mini and market is buzzing with rumors and news on the possible features and pricing of the device. While there is also a marked confusion on the release date of the new Apple Ipad mini, there are already strong rumors floating in the market about various specifications and features of the upcoming Ipad mini. Although it remains to be seen whether all rumors turn out to be correct as predicated, there is a strong case that the following listed five rumors may well be incorporated in the new Apple Ipad Mini tablet.

Small Screen Size: Due to its name, the new Apple Ipad mini is rumored to have a smaller screen as compared with the Ipad. There have been reports that the new Ipad mini is likely to come out with a 7.8s inch screen, although there has been no confirmation from Apple. The rumors have been quite significant as Apple founder Steve Jobs had famously mentioned that small screen tablets would not be a profitable venture for the company in the long term. Apple is said to have revisited their stance owing to stiff competition in the small tablet markets from Amazon kindle and others.

Retina Display Functionality: There are strong rumors that the new Apple Ipad mini will be well equipped with state of the art retina display functionality. The rumors gained more significance after Apple was said to have sourcing equipments from display centric companies like Texas Instruments which has played a major role in developing Retina display functionality.

Based on A5 Processor Series: Another surprising feature of the yet to be released Ipad mini is the rumor that the tablet is likely to be based on the old generation A6 processors that were previously used in Ipad 2. Although Apple is working on better Facbeook functionality, the Mini is rumored to be based on iOS 6 operating system along with a little connector docket. The battery life of the new Ipad mini is rumored to be in between the new iPhone 5 and the new iPad even without being based on the new A6 processor family.

Only Wi-Fi Enabled: There are also reports doing the rounds in the market that the new Apple Ipad mini is likely to be released with only Wi-Fi support for internet browsing. The lack of any major features of $g technology may act as a deterrent for the popularity of the Ipad mini but having only the Wi-Fi functionality may have been incorporated to reduce costs and make the tablet more popular with the middle age income group consumers. With all Apple products, the newer versions of the Apple Ipad mini may be equipped with 3g and 4g features in the future while the initial model comes equipped with only Wi-Fi features.

Market Price: With Amazon selling its popular kindle tablet for around £129 in the European markets, Apple’s Ipad mini is rumored to be priced tentatively in the £200 range for its 8GB version in order to attract more potential customers. Since both are going to be a 7 inch tablet, the price wars rumors have already been doing the rounds not only amongst the consumers but also rival tablet manufacturers.

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