A marketing strategy is well-written plans that can help businesses achieve their promotional goals and objectives. When you are preparing a marketing strategy as a beginner, there are some important elements to be focused on such as your marketing goals, knowing your customers, convincing them about your product and knowledge of SEO. As a newbie in online marketing, you may not have enough knowledge about these things. But you need not worry; here are the best online marketing strategies that you can implement in your business.

Define your goals

Start with defining your marketing objectives. These are the goals you want to achieve with your marketing efforts. The goals you set must be reliable, specific, timely and measurable.

Identify your target audience

Another important marketing strategy is to identify your target customers. There are many ways of doing this. You can take the help of a market research company to handle the research work for you. Though this is the easiest way, it is quite expensive. To identify your target market yourself, contact business owners in your niche and discuss with them about their customers. Participate in Local Chamber of Commerce and conference events. Do a lot of online research. For example, to research the target market for fitness equipment business, search using different keywords such as “target market” and “fitness equipment store.” Once you know who your target clients are, what’s their income level, where do they buy the items or where do they go in their leisure you will be able to cater to them directly in your blog and ad copy.

Tell them how your product is different

Another key factor of a marketing plan for beginners is to tell your customers how your products or services are different from those of other companies. Think of FAQs about how better your brand solves your customers’ problems than your competitors and jot them down on a paper. Once you have come up with this list, you can then add a section called “Key Differentiators” in your marketing strategy.

Development of specific website design for promoting your product

The next part of your marketing strategy will be development of website. Design a website that caters the need of promotion of your products or services. While designing the website your goal should be to convert your online visitors into customers.

Content is the most powerful marketing tool. Create catchy headlines that can turn your visitors into potential customers. The content displayed on the home page of your website should direct your visitors to the order page. Hire an expert content writer to get a good presentation of your product. Try to convince your audience by telling them the advantages of using your product.

Be smart about SEO

You can implement search engine marketing techniques to increase the visibility of your website. More than 80% of all internet users search for websites, products and services by using search engines and reputed online directories. Many users click only on the first few websites listed on the search engine results page. Moreover, the sites that have better ranking in search engines are considered more trustworthy and there are no pay-per-click charges which mean high quality traffic at low-cost. In other words if your site is not positioned high in search results, it may as well not exist.

Hence make sure your site is ranked well for keywords related to your product or service by implementing an effective marketing campaign. There are many ways to optimize your site for search engines. Get listed in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Utilize the power of social marketing

Social media is an excellent platform for new businesses to create awareness about your product and services amongst audience. Use social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote your brand among people.

Submit your posts on authorized blogs

Submit your website posts to well-reputed blogs that belong to your business category. Also, build a relationship with the visitors who show an interest in your products and services. Respond to their comments on your post, and leave comments on different blogs, you can also offer some suggestions to other’s posts this will benefit you by generating good amount of traffic to your website.

Video marketing

This is by far the best strategy to engage and attract visitors towards your products and services. You can create some interesting videos that carry a demo of your products and services and post them on You Tube. Today almost all businesses are considering video marketing as a significant method of getting traffic to their websites.

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