With the revolution in technology, people have become more and more tech savvy. Many apps have been designed to facilitate the communication system. WhatsApp is one such app. This app is a messenger through which you can send messages to the person at the other end provided you have an internet connection.

The Whatsapp runs on popular operating systems like the android, Symbian, Windows, Blackberry operating system, etc. The person who is receiving the message also needs to have a mobile handset compatible with the above operating systems and an internet connection. The app is free to download for most of the operating systems. The WhatsApp also allows you to share documents, pictures and songs.

According to the stats from research firm Informa, WhatsApp is more popular than the usual SMS. Almost 19 billion WhatsApp messages were recorded in 2012, compared to only 17.6 billion SMS messages.

Easy to install

The app is easy to install. As soon as you install, WhatsApp automatically creates a user for you, gets linked to your phone account. It then uses its online database to search users whose numbers are saved in your contacts. This is the single awesome feature WhatsApp has. All your friends and colleagues who too have installed WhatApps are added to your contact list. It doesn’t insist you to send invites to people who don’t use WhatsApp.

Not just limited for Text

WhatsApp allows you to express your emotions. You no longer need to stick to the old-styled variety. The app is loaded with a large collection of tiny, pretty images. If you look carefully, you can pick any emotional image that suits your message. There are literally so many of them and they’re that expressive.

Send External data

The app also allows you to send pictures and video along with the usual text message. The cost of sending these attachments is relatively low when compared to sending files through SMS. You can also send audio recordings and other files to contacts.

Group chats

Another interesting feature of WhatsApp is group chats. This app allows you to set up semi-permanent forums, which bring people together, who can all text each other. Every message you send to the group is delivered to everyone, and it’s easy to find out who created it. You can text up to ten of your friends at the same time. The forums here are described as semi-permanent because they don’t become inactive when the chat is over. You can have a forum to be active for days or even weeks.

People who want to take a break from tiresome meetings at work and group of friends who use it to have fun are known to use this popular and unique feature.

No ads

If you carefully watch the screenshots of this app, you will really find that something is missing. That’s right. WhatsApp doesn’t display ads of any kind. This is a clever decision by its developers.

In other words users need to pay for using the app. Users with iPhone handsets have to pay a buck for the app. But users with other handsets can download it for free. Though its free initially, after some period of using WhatsApp, you may have to start paying up for further use. But still the fee is a reasonable sum. It’s really worth for what you pay.

No international fees

If you have friends or family living abroad, email was the cheapest way of sending the message. But WhatsApp is a great app for you to communicate internationally and save a considerable amount of money on text and video chats.

Find out if your friends have read the message

Yet another interesting feature of WhatsApp is you can easily find out whether the message sent by you has been read by your friend. As with any other chat app, here too a small letter would appear beside every message you send. The letter "D" would mean that the message has been successfully delivered, while an "R" would mean that your message has been read. The traditional SMS lacks this feature.

As a mobile texting solution, WhatsApp is just an awesome app. It offers more benefits than the usual SMS. No irritating ads, no need to manage your contact lists, easy attachments, and a wonderful collection of emotions. What else do you need?

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