Why Landing page design for maximum conversions

In an internet marketing campaign the landing pages plays the vital role. Especially in the AdWords marketing campaign you’ve to send all traffic to a landing page. The job of the page is to get the traffic and convert this to sale. The conversion is the desired action made by the user which can be either a sign up for the email list or make a purchase.

It says that the first impression is the last impression your landing page design is your first impression to the visitor who comes to visit your pages can become your customer. So your page should be nice enough to generate maximum conversions. If your landing page design appears good, it can help you to build long lasting relationship in social and business constraints.

Whenever a visitor comes to your page this is known as a visit. The visitors viewed your page some of them will convert and other won’t. The liability of the pages depends upon the number of visits to the number of conversions. If you’re not getting many visits it means your market procedure of driving traffic is not enough. If you’ve visits without conversions, then your landing pages are not forcing or attracting the visitors to take the desired action.

Your landing pages should be clean and very simple. Keep in mind that the simplicity is good. And many people want a simple designed page than highly contained images and animated material. Two to three colors would be sufficient to use and any font size is good but recommended are Arial, Helvetica and Geneva.

Landing page attracts a visitor to take the desired action using sales copy. Sales copy is defined as a name of any persuading text whose purpose is to convert the visitor. Sales copy, rather than the content it may contain the images or CSS. Some of the methods of compelling visitors to convert are as given below.

  • A well written fundamental sentence.
  • The content of the page.
  • Videos and images.
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Guarantees of the product, services or prompt refunds.
  • CCS or page format designed to lead the visitor.
  • A call to action.

With Google AdWords, you design an ad that appears for particular keywords and when your ad is clicked, the customer is taken to your landing page design. The purpose of an AdWords landing pages is still to convert that visitor. None of these the other purpose is to focus on the keywords.

AdWords needs keywords, ads and landing page should all be relevant. If they are, then you get a good quality score. If they are not related to each other, you’ll get a poor quality score.

To optimize a page for a keyword, and make it related to a keyword, you have to choose a keyword. If you create a custom page for every single keyword in your campaign, you’ll have relevant keywords and landing pages, good quality scores, and cheap traffic.

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