The Windows Vista Transformation Pack (VTP) is a collection of programs created by Windows X. These are third party programs i.e. not proprietary Microsoft products, the objective of which is to provide a simulation of the graphical appearance of the Windows Vista operating system on computers installed with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

The VTP software provides accurate simulation and customization option for users who wish to have the appearance of windows vista but don’t actually want to install Windows Vista on their systems for some reason. VTP implements various GUI elements to provide a Windows Vista like experience which include visual styles, themes and desktop wallpapers similar to Windows Vista; all these made possible by modified Windows XP registry entries and patch up of system files.

VTP mimics the look and feel of Windows Vista by applying cosmetic changes to the appearance of Windows XP and Server 2003 including interface elements such as the Start button, Control Panel, icons, dialog boxes, window borders and more.

VTP is available for download from various sites, all over the web, in the form freeware and adware. Since the beginning of project development the Vista Transformation Pack has progressed through nine versions.

The initial “Version 1.0” was released on a forum and had various features which enabled the earlier versions of Windows achieve the appearance of Windows Vista. These features included Vista like icons, a login screen, sidebar and a Vista Aero theme.

After a long trial of bug fixes and new features the VTP 9 was released, which was considered by many a beta version. It incorporated further 3rd party applications to the VTP simulation software including ViSplore which recreates the Windows Vista glass effect, the Vista Rainbar which consumed less memory as compared to the sidebar featured on previous VTP versions. Also present was the Vista Drive Icon which gives Windows XP a Vista style explorer progress bar.

The latest stable release available of the VTP is version 9.0.1, released in November of 2008. The newest applications that come bundled in this version include ViStart, Vista Rainbar, WinFlip with improved configurations and the Windows Aero feature which is available in two options, either at no cost through the third party program called TrueTransparency or the paid version program WindowBlinds provided by developers Stardock.

VTP 9.0.1 includes numerous bug fixes and also fixes to compatibility issues related to Service Pack 3 of Windows XP.
The VTP 9.0.1 is the last version of the VTP because it then transitioned to the Seven Transformation Pack which simulates the latest edition of the Windows operating system on computers installed with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.