Google Pagerank is one way to judge website visibility and authenticity. Google Pagerank is still considered as important factor while evaluating any website. This is particularly helpful when you are planning to buy sell any website or text links.

Knowing Pagerank of all inner page of website or domain will be really helpful for webmaster as well as probable website buyer, so how to find page rank of inner pages of a website?

5 Ways to Check Google Pagerank of All Inner Pages oF Website

1) Cleverstat has developed really good Pagerank checker tool called as PaRaMeter, which lets you to bulk check Pagerank of websites and domains as well as it has one of best functionality to crawl all pages of given website and then check the Pagerank of each URLs. PaRaMeter is freeware tool.

2) Pagerank analyzer (SEO administrator) is really good tool with many functionalities like finding index pages, link popularity, rank monitor, keyword suggestion etc., like Parameter this tool also also has capability to find all the links of website and then check the Pagerank of all url’s. However this tool is shareware but you can try demo version with restricted functionality

3) This is cleaver method to find Pagerank of inner pages.

Download SEO Quake browser plugin. This is a great plugin for SEO and Webmasters. Once you have installed this plugin search with “site:your websitename” in google and set 100 results per page in google advance search result.SEO quack will return Pagerank of each link displayed in google search result.

4) This is yet another nice trick to find out Pagerank of inner pages. You have to get the links from sitemap.xml or sitemap page and submit this links to bulk Pagerank checker tool or online bulk Pagerank checker service and instantly you will get Pagerank of all submitted links

5) livepr provides really good web service to find out Pagerank of all inner pages of websites but it has restriction of maximum one query from same IP in one hour, so you have to wait for one hour after to check Pagerank of inner pages of multiple website or domain .

If you are aware of any other method, trick, tool, online service for checking Pagerank of all inner pages of websites or domain then add in below comment I will include it in above list.