The Biggest Tech Flops and Failures of All Time

During the video game revolution of the 1980s and 1990s, it seemed like no company could do wrong. That same sensibility carried over into the tech booms that came later. With each of those booms, people often felt like they could open a business, make a new product and just sit back and watch as millions rolled into their offices. As smartphones, tablets and other hand held devices increase in popularity, you might think that now is the perfect time to open a tech company. Before you do, check out some of the biggest tech flops and failures of all time.

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Everyone’s a winner as online games evolve

Online games are not just for kids. When we think of android games, such as the ones we’ve reviewed here in the past, we tend to think in terms of the fairly superficial candyfloss products that are little more than digital chewing gum: Pick up and put down games that have little if any impact beyond their own restricted frame of reference. But online games are growing up fast.

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Top 10 Game of Android Mobiles

Android is a hottest topic now a day’s and getting popularity day by day. In this post we provide you the list of some of the Top 10 Android Games (some of them are free but for few of them you have spend few bucks to get hands on it).The gaming experience in Android Mobile Games increases day by day. Its new gaming technology brings outstanding gaming experience into your Android running handy smart phone.
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New Phone of PlayStation

The picture above is in fact the Play Station Phone. It is hard to believe that what we are looking is that real or imaginary but we assure that it is real.
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Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard.

logitech-logoAfter the huge success of G15 logitech presents the replacement as G19 Gaming keyboard.he Logitech G19 sells for around 200 US dollars, which is doubled from existing G15. As G15 keyboard G19 is also equipped with a tiltable, 320-by-240-pixel display, which provides in-game information for sixty + supported games. The screen can also show VoIP communication data, clock, CPU load, or other non-gaming specific items such as pictures or video.

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