Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords Quality Score

“Google AdWords” is the name for the small ads you see to the right-hand side of search results in Google. The Google AdWords “Quality Score” is a numeric value placed on the ad, keywords, and landing page to indicate the relevance to someone seeing the ad. (The landing page is the website page a user visits when he or she clicks on the ad.) Having a good Quality Score means Google rates your ad, keyword, and landing page as relevant and useful to someone seeing your ad. This article gives some suggestions on how you can improve your Quality Score.

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22 Most Popular Extensions of Google Chrome

Here are some extensions of Chrome as well, that make your experience with using it easier and loving. These extensions, whilst useful, are not quite to the standard of Firefox’s offerings yet, be it in quality or quantity, but the early development is showing that Chrome users can now enjoy super-fast loading times and minimal footprints along with the option of using third party add-ons.
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Google Offering Free 75$ Adwards Advertising

Good news for advertisers that google is offering Free 75$ Adwards Advertising. Google will review your request and usually send you a coupon via email within a couple of hours. This offer is valid only for new Google AdWords customers with a billing address in the United States or Canada. Only one promotional code per customer. By submitting your email address, you only give Google permission to use it for purposes related to the transmission of a Google AdWords promotional coupon. Continue reading “Google Offering Free 75$ Adwards Advertising”

5 Ways To Check PageRank of All Inner Pages of Website or Domain

Google Pagerank is one way to judge website visibility and authenticity. Google Pagerank is still considered as important factor while evaluating any website. This is particularly helpful when you are planning to buy sell any website or text links.
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How to Applying Updated Method for Google Adsense

The time has gone when GoogleAdsense was auto approving new adsense IDs with free sites such as blogspot, hubpages, flixya ets. These days, it has become very difficult to get an Adsenseaccount approval. It was not the case there three to four years back when we were able to get Adsenseaccount approved with free blogs even created on blogger.com. Continue reading “How to Applying Updated Method for Google Adsense”

How to Make Money with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is Google’s content network on the webmaster’s end. This means you can paste a piece of script on to your web page and display Google advertisements on it, and get paid whenever visitors click on these ads. Continue reading “How to Make Money with Google Adsense”

How to Insert the Post Title in a Email of Feedburner Subject Field

If you have already subscribed to my email feed (or other site’s email feed), you’d normally see the same annoying email subject on every new post delivered to your email Inbox. Normally it would show my Blog’s name on every email you received. Well, no more! Starting from today, you’ll see the post title on the email subjects, allowing you to save and quickly identify your favorite posts from my blog. Continue reading “How to Insert the Post Title in a Email of Feedburner Subject Field”