Spy Software: Putting a Leash around Technology

A workspace is a diverse place. It has all the makings of a big ball of energy. And those balls of energy often do nothing at work except get distracted by the very tools they are meant to use to get work done. Technology is both a bane and a blessing, and no matter what no employer can overlook this fact — they can control it, however.

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How To Reset a Windows 7 Password

  1. Insert either your Windows 7 installation DVD, or a Windows 7 System Repair disc, into your optical drive and then restart your computer. If you have either on a flash drive, that’ll work too.

    Tip: See How to Boot From a CD, DVD, or BD Disc or How to Boot From a USB Device if you’ve never booted from portable media before or if you’re having trouble doing so.

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Signs That Describes The Need For a Computer Repair

In this world of the 21st century that is surely the age of the computer system. The computer systems are utilized everywhere these days. These can be found in an office, at a shopping mall, in a school, and various other places around you and when they stop working due to some reason and the tasks or things will not be performed on time. This is only one of the reasons why you require to repair your computer system from a shop that provides repair services for the computer system.

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ROSA – An Exquisite Restaurant WordPress Theme

ROSA is an enchanting and easy-to-use parallax Restaurant WordPress theme that allows you to tell your story in a dynamic, narrative and enjoyable way, making it perfect for restaurants, bakeries, bars or coffee shops.

Packed with everything you need to launch your site by this weekend! Beautiful menus, OpenTable reservations or galleries are just a few clicks away – all within a single integrated interface!

The high performance parallax scrolling mixed with full-screen images and precise typography animations, immerse your visitors in a remarkable browsing experience.

This is what ROSA is all about: offering the just right tools so you can tell your story!
Disclaimer: We’re not responsible if you will find this theme highly suitable for a photography or a portfolio presentation website

Parallax Scrolling

Since you can’t tell a good story if the experience sucks, we have put our efforts into making the smoothest parallax scrolling ever. Buttery smooth!

We have done this by making sure all animations use the best browsers can offer in terms of rendering performance – all to achieve that sweet 60fps!


Beautiful Products Menus

Since all of us need to know what you have on offer, we have envisioned a simple menu system that will allow you to create your meals menu in no time.

Using a shortcode and the WordPress editor you will add sections and product titles, descriptions, prices, and more. Super simple!



To keep your whole story consistent, we decided to go that extra mile and create a custom shortcode to allow you to integrate with the famous OpenTable system.

You just need your OpenTable restaurant ID and you’re good to go!


Responsive and Mobile Ready

You can rest assured that every pixel will respond as it should no matter if your visitors are on a desktop, tablet or down to the phone in your pocket.

ROSA features an off-canvas menu to make it easy for your mobile users to discover you site.


Live Customizer

A new and exciting feature that combines style options with the ability to live preview those changes before saving them.

You can easily change the fonts, colors or layout sizes and everything will be reflected back to you.


Optimized for Speed

We all know that a slow site is a bad one no matter how pretty it looks – that’s why we paid extra attention to do everything is necessary that your site runs faster and smoother than ever.

The ROSA live demo scores 98% on the page speed grade. Checkout the results here »


SEO Friendly

And what would be a speedy site without proper SEO practices? We’ve got you covered on this aspect also.

We provide you with semantic markup, schema.org, social metas for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and much more.


Powerful Options Panel

Customize the look and feel of your site with extensive theme options: choose from different post layout options, write custom CSS or JavaScript code, set social sharing services and much more.

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Clean Code

Writing clean, structured, consistent and smart code means that it can be easily extended by any other developer.

Improper and deprecated code can break layouts, corrupt data, or worse. With ROSA, nothing but the latest features of WordPress are used.


Translation Ready

ROSA is ready to be translated into whatever language you choose. We provide the .po file so you can get translating right away with PoEdit.

Also Rosa is fully compatible with the WPML plugin.



ROSA comes with our powerful visual shortcodes PixTypes plugin integrated right in your WordPress editor. Quickly add columns, rows, slider, icons, buttons and much more.

Shortcodes made easy!


+600 Google Fonts

Take control of your theme’s typography with custom fonts controlled through Theme Options. Access the massive Google Fonts library and create your unique style.


One Click Demo Install

REALLY!! Just one click and we set up everything: content pages, blog articles, menus, sidebar widgets.
Check out the Installation and Setup video »

Note: Images from the demo are replaced with placeholder images.


Photoshop Files (PSD)

ROSA comes with all available PSD files. Simply open up Photoshop and work the design around to your heart’s content.


Before opening a ticket please don’t forget to read our Support Policy »


All images viewed in the live preview are for demo purposes only and are not included with your purchase. These beautiful photos are courtesy of: V.K.Rees, Leslie Grow – do not hesitate to reach them if you are looking for some breathtaking photos!


The current version is 1.1.0: Released on June 17th, 2014.

Click here to view the changelog

Data recovery and its Techniques

Data recovery is the process of retrieving the data from a damaged device, unknown deletion or corruption. This is handling data from damaged, corrupted, failed or inaccessible storage media. Often data is backed up into external storage devices so that if something goes wrong you can restore the backed up data.

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Top 10 PC Storage Solutions

With pretty much every business going online, and entrepreneurs coming up in all corners of the world, the internet is being used like never before. This also results in an increasing demand for backup systems. Enter the world of storage devices, where there are solutions for all kinds of needs, whether it’s to backup Lego stop motion videos or provide network based storage system for an office.

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Tips for a successful eCommerce Website

Running an eCommerce website can be a rewarding experience; doing so allows business owners to run their own virtual storefronts from the convenience of their own computers. Implementing an eCommerce platform on an existing site is a great way to turn page views into real sales. Furthermore, those who may have only been able to sell locally before can instantly expand their customer base nation-wide or even world-wide by having eCommerce functions on their websites.

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Current Technology of Phone Systems and Its Benefits

New technologies of phone systems

There are a number of latest technologies employed in phone systems development. For example, a Hosted Phone framework is extremely alluring in the nature. You’re just obligation is purchasing or leasing the distinct telephones. The delicate switch is facilitated off site. This appears to have the most monetary effect under 20 clients. It can carry a considerable measure of characteristics and adaptability without including extra expenses. You’re getting extensive telephone framework characteristics at a division of the expense. It’s legitimately a win-win in the right setting.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your YouTube Downloader

Suppose if you are watching your favorite program on internet, or a lecture video how will you watch it? You will first find the website. Then open the video if the video open on your computer then you will you will wait for it to be load. If your net is fast then it will load faster if not then wait for hour for it? When it will load then you will watch it right. What happen if you want to watch the video again or you want to watch your favorite part? But what could you do if you wanna save your favorite HD videos on your computer or if you are in a place where you cannot access the network? Have you ever frowned on such troubles? Have you ever found it irritating? And want to just turn off the computer and watch TV instead. You have to repeat the whole process again and we do not want that right. We don’t want waste our precious time in doing it again and again. We want the fast and right now wanna type thing right. Ok, so let’s put them behind yourself for now.

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Learning how To Convert Video into MP3

Everyone enjoys listening to some good music. Some people relish new songs while some still like the old ones. Usually, songs from the latest movies are found very easily on various websites, but finding songs of older movies is a tedious task. Most of the old songs are found nowhere on the internet. This is not really justice with admirers of old music.

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