Domain name importance and few tips

We are living in the age of the Internet. A company’s domain name is one of the most important elements of their business. If you are starting a small business and people have a hard time finding you online, your bottom line will be negatively impacted. Therefore, your choice of a domain name is a critical decision that should not be taken lightly. In the vast majority of cases, a company will choose to register its name as its domain name. In some cases, a company will choose a variation of its name, or a product it sells, as its domain name. Whatever the case may be, great care must go into making this critical determination. Here is how to register a domain name for your online business.

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How Cloud Hosting Benefits Your Company?

There are numerous benefits of cloud hosting, such as lower costs, scalability and elasticity. But while small medium enterprises have willingly embraced the cloud, many large businesses have been more averse to invest in this technology. It’s time to bring some change: the cloud has a lot of advantages for the business and also of greater magnitude will see CIOs critical as a way to protect the future of their company.

Following are some main benefits of cloud hosting for your company:

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Coupon Codes of Hostgator – May 2012

HostGator is a leading web hosting company that has seen quick extension in recent years. They are offering domain registration, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated servers along with its core business of web hosting. Customers like the efficient prices of the web hosting plans and data storage.

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Best Hosting Services for WordPress Blogs

WordPress is the best free blogging / CMS platform in the world, and that any smart marketer will self-host their WordPress blog instead of going with the free WordPress-hosted version.  But you may not know the best place to host your WordPress site. There are numerous web hosts out there, the most of them which meet the WordPress minimum requirements, and choosing one from the crowd can be a chore. WordPress works best when it’s in a rich hosting environment. We have compiled a list of WordPress hosting companies that offer easy 1-click installs below.
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Bring Some Fresh Air to Your Hosting

As more web hosting companies look to conserve on energy, they are not only helping themselves and consumers with new options for “going green”, but they are also doing their part to help the environment. Since it already takes a great deal of electricity to satisfy the needs of a web hosting company, one can only imagine how much power will be needed in the future when the Internet expands to even greater depths.
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15 Free Online File Sharing Resources

Now a day’s technology and systems are capable of processing large files like Photoshop and Illustrator. These files are large in size and not easy to share with clients and peers. There are two ways generally use emailing and sharing via hosting account. But as everyone knows that attachment of email has limitation. Sharing via web hosting account allows you to upload maximum and large number of files upload there but in this case your direct path exposed for everyone and most of time you don’t want this.
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5 Best File Hosting Service to Store Your Files Free

Everyone wants to share their files with their community and others and they want free resources for sharing. Some file hosting sites are really handy and make sharing data even simpler than sending a file via email while other services spam you with countless pop ups and forced membership options to simply download a file. Here is a list of some great file hosting sites that make uploading and sharing files a cakewalk.
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