No matter what the business, customer service is vital, and can mean the difference between repeat customers and losing out to your competitors. In fact, a CEI survey found that 86-percent of consumers would pay more for better customer service. Unfortunately, only 1-percent of those surveyed felt vendors meet their expectations. The following tips will improve customer experience and help boost sales.

Listen to the customer. You are there to service the customer’s needs, but you can only do that if you know what they want. Listening will let you know exactly what their needs are, and allow you to provide good customer services. This means you must also give the customer your undivided attention, and not become distracted with other potential sales or problems. When the encounter is complete, the customer will walk away feeling satisfied with their experience.

Make them feel appreciated and important. Simply using their name when you are talking to them will improve their experience with the company. Furthermore, ensure you convey sincerity with your body language and words. Never be dismissive or roll your eyes at the customer.

Know the power of yes. Being positive and telling the customer that you can help them will put them at ease, while letting them know you will do everything in your power to solve their problem. Try to find a solution that will leave the customer happy.

Go above and beyond the call of duty. Don’t just answer their question and leave it at that. Help them find what they are looking for. You should always be looking for ways to distinguish yourself from the competition. Zoho support is a good example of how a company can successfully meet the needs of their consumer base.

Apologize when necessary. If something goes wrong, sincerely apologize to the customer. This simple act can quickly defuse a tense situation and show that the company values their complaints. Deal with their complaint immediately and inform the customer on what actions you have taken to rectify the problem. Even though we don’t particularly like complaints, it does give use the opportunity to make improvements and thus enhance customer experience.

Devoting just a little extra time in your day can go a long way to satisfying your customers and help increase repeat business. When dealing with consumers, keep in mind that you have a 60- to 70-percent chance of selling to repeat customers and only a 5- to 20-percent chance of snagging a new prospect.