Data recovery is the process of retrieving the data from a damaged device, unknown deletion or corruption. This is handling data from damaged, corrupted, failed or inaccessible storage media. Often data is backed up into external storage devices so that if something goes wrong you can restore the backed up data.

Data is usually lost if you are working in an unstable operating system environment where the operating system tends to delete or corrupt the files stored. Hard disk tends to fail after a few years and they have a life cycle after which the files are not safe to be stored in it. Data recovery software helps you to recover them in case you don’t have a backup and want the files. So many users daily search online for data recovery software free download and if you have found this article then I can say you are lucky because Ease US have developed a free software for data recovery.

Recovery Techniques

Data recovery from a physically damaged device involves multiple techniques. Most of the damages can be repaired by replacing the identified damaged parts. If you have warranties then do not worry about it and leave it to the company. They will either replace with new or refurbished one.

Another damage which might have happened could be the software or firmware damage to the hardware. This can be fixed by reloading the firmware or resetting to factory firmware settings. I had crashed my hard disk when I tried to update it .I gave it a reset and it worked but all the files were deleted. Since I did not want those files I did not use any software to recover them.

Some cases data on the hard drive can be unreadable due to the damage in the partition table or the file system. Sometimes converting the file system from one type to another may cause files to not respond eventually crashing the device.

To secure your data you can either store the data on the cloud file sharing platforms or use external storage devices to store data and retrieve them when ever needed. Remove the redundant files from the backup so that you can save space. Compressing the backup can also protect the files and by reducing the storage space and storing time.