Difference of Macbook and Macbook Pro


Macbook and Macbook Pro is confusing for buyers that what is the basic difference in both. The common thoughts are about Macbook Pros is latest and batter version of Mac family. But still lacking of knowledge that how Macbook Pro is better than others. I have reviewed features of both and get those points which are distinguishing Pro family.

Below are those features and major points which are doing distinct Macbook and Macbook Pro.

Display and Look & Feel

  • Design and body – Macbook is a white body with separate parts, and the Macbook pro is a unibody case which is specially designed. The Macbook Pro is totally redesigned form of the Macbook and the unibody enclosure is the newer way of macs are made. The Macbook is made from Polycarbonate, and Macbook Pro from Aluminium coat.
  • Keyboard – The keyboard in the macbook is a normal one with no light support, but in Macbook Pro, the keyboard has a backlight, and the amazing feature of the Pro is that the light sensor brightens or dims depending on the surrounding brightness.
  • Trackpad – The trackpad in Macbook is a scrolling one, and the trackpad in Macbook Pro is just more than that. Its a multitouch trackpad.
  • Screen and Resolution – The resolution in both depends on the screen size but the difference lies in the appearance of the screen. The Macbook has got a glossy display, and the Macbook Pro has got glossy/matte widescreen display which does not allow background reflections to fall on the screen when viewing from the side.
  • Side view – The left side in macs have most of the output connection slots and Macbook has a miniDVI port, but all the Macbook Pro have miniDisplay ports. Also the Macbook Pro has the SD card slot which a normal macbook lacks. The Macbook has a Firewire 400 port while the Macbook Pro has got Firewire 800 port.
  • Notebook Weight – When comparing the Macbook 13inch with Macbook Pro 13inch, the Macbook Pro is lighter and weighs 4.5 pounds (2.04 kg) when compared to 5.0 pounds (2.27 kg) Macbook.

Technical Specs

  • Processors – Mac Book has 1.83 GHz and 2.0 GHz core duo processors while the Mac Book Pro includes 2.0 GHz and 2.16 GHz core duo processors.
  • RAM and Hard Drive – The normal Mac book can have a maximum of 160 GB hard drive and 2 GB RAM, but the Mac book Pro can have upto 500 GB of hard drive(which of course depends on the model) and upto 4 GB of RAM.
  • Video card – The video display ability in the Mac book relies on the main RAM of the mac and so eats up memory when video is being displayed, but in a Macbook Pro, there is a separate Video card which does not involve eating up the memory from the main RAM.
  • Battery Life – The Macbook is capable to last for a maximum of 5 hours, but the Macbook Pro are bound to have life upto 7 hours and the 17inch Macbook Pro has a battery life of 8 hours. One of the classic features seen in the Pro series.

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