Online games are not just for kids. When we think of android games, such as the ones we’ve reviewed here in the past, we tend to think in terms of the fairly superficial candyfloss products that are little more than digital chewing gum: Pick up and put down games that have little if any impact beyond their own restricted frame of reference. But online games are growing up fast.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of online casino gaming. Providers such as, and are hitting the market with a host of highly sophisticated and visually quite stunning offerings that combine the aesthetic appeal of the vanilla gaming scene with a real adult spice.

The online casino gaming industry is already huge in scale the US industry alone is said to be worth in excess of $30 billion a year –and the rapidly expanding markets of Asia and the Pacific are expected to outstrip that several times over. A combination of greater legalisation, increasing incomes and continuing digital uptake means there are plenty of providers falling over themselves to offer the public the most engaging and rewarding gaming experiences.

This, of course is good news for gamers. As those providers seek ever more attractive products, their clients get to enjoy games that are continually improving. It is a race to the top in which the consumer cannot fail to come out a winner.

The level of sophistication which these providers bring to the market is quite impressive. After honing their act in the European and US markets they are now able to offer games that at times convey the same audio-graphic stimuli of mainstream games with a highly targeted series of gambling propositions. This means that the online casino experience is every bit as immersive as any other genre you care to think of, and at the same time it carries the potential to generate real cash returns.

And those returns are not to be sniffed at. At the time of writing the 32Red site shows its leading prize winner to have walked away with a cool 34,839 in UK sterling last month. By anybody’s standards, that is a seriously grown up amount of cash.
In its earliest incarnations the online casino industry was restricted to what now seem quite basic offerings. However, the combination of natural development cycles within the gaming industry and the ever-increasing capacity of hand held and tablet technologies has taken things to a different level entirely.

Larger screens are the most obvious enhancement to games that, necessarily, entail a strong visual aspect. But the ability of casino sites to now stage what are in effect person-to-person card games adds an interactive, competitive element that regularly attracts professional as well as recreational players.

Make no mistake about it; online casinos are here to stay. Not only that, they look set to become an increasingly mainstream part of the leisure industry. As the genre continues to develop we anticipate that there will be an increasing cross-pollination between the gambling and what we could see as the more juvenile gaming market. Once again, that points to ever more sophisticated and enjoyable gaming experiences for players of all persuasions. When it comes to online gaming, it seems, everyone can expect to be a winner!