There are numerous benefits of cloud hosting, such as lower costs, scalability and elasticity. But while small medium enterprises have willingly embraced the cloud, many large businesses have been more averse to invest in this technology. It’s time to bring some change: the cloud has a lot of advantages for the business and also of greater magnitude will see CIOs critical as a way to protect the future of their company.

Following are some main benefits of cloud hosting for your company:

  1. Reduced costs:
  2. So, why is it necessary? For starters cloud hosting can be expensive – you only pay for what are your needs and requirements. Look at the numbers. A normal organization with a quad-core server and 3.0 GHz processor, with a hard disk of 500 GB and 4GB RAM use only 10% of it. While on the other hand, in a large organization this incompetence can be greatly multiplied as server farms can reach hundreds of thousands of units of hardware. There the financial waste is much higher.

    An organization with more than 20,000 servers, say, with £ 2000 each spent 20 million pounds. If these servers have the ability of operating at only 20% efficiency, is a loss of 18 million pounds. No company will like to run with that kind of overhead for a longer period of time.

    Servers under virtualization can help companies to decrease the number of servers, by freeing space in data centers, and let them to save large amount of money on power and cooling. However, this is the initial stage in the process – the next stage is to develop a data center based on the cloud with the characteristics of the cloud.

  3. Big data:
  4. Another buzz phrase of the moment is big data. Large companies with this shorthand term on the ability are able to conduct more advanced analysis on their record.
    It is extremely difficult to manage the customer data in the past, yet companies are able to improve their analytical skills that can help them to stay ahead of their competitors.
    Larger companies can not only are able to store their data in the cloud, but also it provides the essential computing power to sieve through tons of formless data. In turn, this will help them to gain business intelligence necessary to run the business and achieve their set goals and objectives. With the cloud hosting, it can be done and presented to the end user as a most effective tool.

  5. The green dimension:
  6. Another thing that helps companies achieved their sets goals and objectives in corporate social responsibility is green aspect (green) in the cloud.

    This is because the cloud providers on a large scale invest in data centers, which offers businesses a green option to the conservative approach for IT. Moreover, by investing more on cloud services, material waste is reduced as it required less hardware, can also be used for longer as there are less computing resources that are required on the PC.

Author Bio:
The article is contributed by Gloria Philips. She has several years of experience working in the web hosting industry and loves to share hosting related secrets and how to find the best inexpensive web hosting.