Suppose if you are watching your favorite program on internet, or a lecture video how will you watch it? You will first find the website. Then open the video if the video open on your computer then you will you will wait for it to be load. If your net is fast then it will load faster if not then wait for hour for it? When it will load then you will watch it right. What happen if you want to watch the video again or you want to watch your favorite part? But what could you do if you wanna save your favorite HD videos on your computer or if you are in a place where you cannot access the network? Have you ever frowned on such troubles? Have you ever found it irritating? And want to just turn off the computer and watch TV instead. You have to repeat the whole process again and we do not want that right. We don’t want waste our precious time in doing it again and again. We want the fast and right now wanna type thing right. Ok, so let’s put them behind yourself for now.

Cash your time

So the question is why waste your time when you can download a video? But instead of thinking for answer more questions arises in our mind like, what software we should use? What if it contain virus? What if it causes damage to our computer? What if it’s not free? And since we all know that how much we all love free thing, we don’t want to waste our money to buy one single software. And if you are a student and you cannot afford money to buy such expensive software that is where YouTube downloader comes in. But since we all know YouTube is a welcome website, allows you to watch, upload and share various videos including HD videos with other internet users. It is said that 72 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute nowadays. This means uploading the videos you desire on YouTube is just a piece of cake.

However, keep one thing in mind. YouTube only allows you to do such things when you connect to the internet.

YouTube Downloader

So YouTube Downloader is implemented as a web video downloading program which downloads videos from YouTube in different resolution and formats. It is the best downloader you can ever ask. You can download any type of videos form you tube. As we all know and use youtube because it is the most famous site for watching videos. You cannot download videos from YouTube if you want. That’swhere YouTube download helps you.

This downloader is free of cost. It does not contain any viruses or harm. It is very easy to install. Once you have installed the downloader then you can easily download videos form you tube by just clicking the download button. Isn’t its awesome.

There are also many versions present now.  Its main features are the ability to bypass YouTube encryption protection, automatically detect YouTube URL and download videos in MP4WebMFLV etc., even 1080p HD videos from YouTube.YouTube Downloader has been rated 3.5 stars out of 5 in Macupdate.Since its first released version 3.0.0, the latest update version 3.1.0 has been hitting No.1 among the most popular downloads on CNET.

Youtube downloader enables you to free download HD video from YouTube without any watermark or time limitation, but to watch any format of YouTube HD video immediately without waiting until the entire video is downloaded thanks to its built-in video player. Just a few clicks, you can finish downloading YouTube free.

How to Download YouTube HD Video Free by YouTube downloader:

Step One: find a video you’d like to download, free download and install YouTube Downloader, copy the URL of the video page. Then paste the URL and click "analyze" to load the YouTube video details. Or click "paste & analyze" button to automatically detect the YouTube video opened in browse.

Step Two: Choose video format, resolution and file size you desire.

Step Three: Click "Browse" button to specify an output folder on your computer to save the output files.

Step Four: Click "Download Now" to start downloading video from YouTube.

See now isn’t this simple. You can enjoy the video whenever you want without waiting.

The article is contributed by Intkhab Ahsan.