Today I am here with a collection of Microsoft Word shortcuts which are saving me much time when writing. Why to delete one letter at a time, when you can delete a whole word using the same amount of commands? Why to scroll or to press PageDown I don’t know how many times, when you can go at the end of your document with one single command? I know that in the beginning it will look harder to remember those shortcuts than to use the common way, but I challenge you to try this for at least 1 week, then write me about how you feel. I guarantee you that you’ll be amazed by the quantity of work you’ll be able to do working as many hours as you used to.


Ctrl + E = align center (current paragraph)
Ctrl + R = align right
Ctrl + L = align left
Ctrl + J = justify
Ctrl + P = print
Ctrl + K = insert hyperlink
Ctrl + F = find
Ctrl + H = replace
Ctrl + G = goto line
Ctrl + Shift + C = copy format
Ctrl + Shift + V = paste format
Ctrl + [ = decrease font size (applied on a selection)
Ctrl + ] = in­­crease font size
Ctrl + Backspace = delete word at the left of current position
Ctrl + Del = delete word at the right of current position
Ctrl + right arrow = moves cursor one word at a time towards right
Ctrl + left arrow = moves cursor one word at a time towards left
Ctrl + Home = go to beginning of document
Ctrl + End = go to end of document
Ctrl + F2 = Print Preview
Ctrl + F4 = Close file
Ctrl + F10 = toggles between full screen and normal view of the current window
Ctrl + F12 = open file
Shift + F3 = toggles between Caps and small letters (works on current word or on selection)