Whether you decide to set short-term or long term goals or you have decided to take this New Year resolution, you need to set proper plan that supports you in achieving your goals, if possible you can make certain necessary changes to your lifestyle. Only a few people are lucky enough to set goals, remember them and achieve. But half the people who set goals take a back seat, either they forget or fail to organise them properly. But this time do not let it happen, here I’m presenting a few lifestyle applications that help you set goals and support you in achieving them.

Habits Free: Habits Free application developed by Doboko helps you work towards achieving your goals. This application is great to track your goals and provides where you are lagging in achieving them. It provides better techniques that can eliminate any distractions that do not support your goals. Some features of this application include.

  • Creates a list of programs
  • An option called additional feature request

Lifetick: Lifetick application developed by Lifeick.com provides the perfect way to set goals and organise them. It helps in setting email reminders to progress goal achievement. This app integrates with journal tools which works great to set and achieve smart goals. This is one of the easy and simple ways to accomplish goals; this is done by tracking status from your mobile or smart device. Some features of this application include. 

  • Goals and tasks can be integrated
  • Provides widgets that tells the status of the tasks
  • It will also provide detailed information about your goals that you achieved in the past with the help of visual charts.

Don’t Break The Chain: Don’t break the chain application developed by Javidgon helps you accomplish your goals. This is a great app that supports resolutions like quit smoking, loosing extra weight by maintaining a well-balanced diet and so on. As the “chain” indicates that you need to set a date and particular time for each goal and should inspect them every day. Some features of this application include.

  • Sends a notification
  • If you break the chain, you will have to start it from the beginning
  • You can set different chains for each goal

ToodleDo Task Lite: Toodledo Task Lite app developed by Kevin Tung is an application that helps you synchronise your goals list with your lifestyle. This app helps you prepare your own notes; create a list of goals and their requirements and support to improve your productivity. Some features of this application include.

  • Manages various tasks at a time
  • You can organise your list by setting priority according to name, start time and date and status of the progress.
  • You can set reminders and manage multiple folders

About the Author:
Maria is the author for this article and she is financial blogger who loves to watch movies and shop around for the latest gadgets during her free time. Presently, she is working on PPI claims and has a keen interest on it.  Catch her @financeport