With the advancement in the technology, the mobile phones have become smart phones and with this people do their different tasks. They are using them to surf the data, download it, store it and they are listening to music and they do their difficult tasks with them on the go.

Things went simple with these mobile phones and nothing is impossible with them. Nowadays even bloggers use the mobile phones for their purpose. There are numerous number of applications, each and every thing have their own speciality and helps in various process. Let us see the applications used in the mobile phones for blogging.

Word press App

Word Press is the most well-liked blogging system used by many bloggers. This is a free application and can be downloaded very easily but before downloading be sure that it is the right word press. With this application you can able to manage your blog straight from the phone. The word press application helps the bloggers to blog their posts, upload photos, news, their new messages, articles and contents in an efficient way. This application makes the tasks very simple and professional.

SEO Automatic

SEO optimized content is most important nowadays. Without the usage of SEO optimization tools no one can able to rank higher in the web search. This application helps you in analysing your content and you can do it very easily. With this you can analyze your web page for SEO content. The other on page optimization tools like headline, Meta tags, and Meta description can also be analysed with this tool. Its size is very minimum that is 1MB and it won’t affect the other applications.

Today in History

This application helps you to know about the past events. It gives details about the major events happened before several years. The only thing you have to do is to select the correct date; it shows a list of events happened in the same day. Select the event that you want and collect the information as much as you need them. The application has some other options to choose which are birth dates, death dates and events of legends.

Hoot Suite

This application enables you to access all the social networking websites at a time and you can even share information in a unique manner. With this application you can update your day to day activities in the social networking websites like face book, twitter etc. and keep in touch with your friends. But coming to size of the application, since it has numerous facilities, its size is somewhat larger and it is around 14.2 MB.

I blogger

I blogger is the most accepted application used in the iPhone and with these things are very simple and it is similar in temperament with other applications like word press, type pad and movable type. You can blog in a very professional way with this application.


With this application you can view your posts, contents, photos and many other things related to your blog. With this single application you can able to control multiple square space sites.

Read it later

Every post is done after serious research, this application helps you to connect all your devices and if you bookmark the page in one device, it will be done automatically in your other devices also. With this you can able to continue your research work in any of your devices. This is time consuming and you can do your same work again with no difficulties.

What the Font

This application helps you in recognizing the font that you saw in any of the posts, blogs or newspapers. The size of the application is very small and it is only 0.4MB. How will you recognize the font that you see anywhere? And here is the answer. Just take the photo of the content that you see and then the application will automatically recognize the font that they used.


This application helps you to post the live events by yourself. The size of the application is 1.2 MB and it works in such a way with its feature like creating, running, launching and finally publishing your posts.  The installation is very easy and with these you can post live videos and photos.

If you are too a gadget lover than mobile phone is something you just cannot miss to have. Bloggers are using mobile phones so as to make their work easy. With the upcoming of iPhone, blogging have become even easier and faster. People are going for iPhone and are using it so as to get the best out of it. It is not just a phone but a complete gadget for gadget geeks. Apple iPhone insurance allows you to use your gadget tension free and carry it with you anywhere and everywhere so that you can enjoy your gadget in the best possible manner and the way you want. If you love blogging then use your mobile phone and make it simple as it has never been before.