With every passing day, blogging is becoming very much competitive and challenging. Thanks to the tons of blogs adding up over the World Wide Web. As per experts, every one minute three new blogs are created, hence you can imagine the competition and challenges the bloggers face while treading this path. The newbie who consider blogging as the platform to transform their businesses, soon end up giving since it demands good amount of consistency and efforts in embarking with new and interesting posts, which can rope in a tangible traffic. At the other end, you have people who are successful bloggers, but soon are seen reaching to their saturation point wherein they simply quit blogging for the weirdest or surprising reasons. It’s interesting to check these surprising facts why certain people are seen quitting the journey of blogging. Let’s check them as under:

You are too sluggish

Blogging is all about hours of research and jotting down incredible posts to keep the readers visiting your posts. However, if you are a lame duck, you would certainly like to remain inside your comfort zone and cannot continue blogging for a longer run. Even if you have drawn some good amount of readers through your earlier zeal and excitement of blogging venture your laziness can mar your entire blogging business. Laziness can be called as a rocking chair wherein you are obviously seen rocking back and forth over it but the fact is you will not go anywhere. Feeling sluggish simply mean that you cannot bear the load of carrying out the consistent research and jotting down quality article along with carrying different things for blogging. This can be one of the surprising facts, which can stop you from your blogging efforts.

Don’t know why you are blogging anymore

You are able to embark with different posts on a regular day and you go smart and right. However, at certain point of time, you seem to have gone directionless, just write for the heck of blogging, and simply do not find any reasons to publish the posts. The fact is you have also stopped reading your own blog posts as well. Hence soon you would see that your posts riddled with too many errors, harsh words and thus go directionless. At such junctures, you don’t know why you are blogging anymore hence you have some of the most of weird or strange reason to quit blogging.

You have changed a lot

You were in college leading a life in a limited budget, now you work with a big company with an incredible remuneration. Life has changed and the budget blog that you started during your college days makes no sense to you. You now spend a lot of your money and time in shopping clothes and fashion accessories, blogging turned out a meaningless mission to you. Or soon you got married, you really have a good time with your partner, you love to go out with your spouse have nice time together, catch movies, dine out, enjoy most of the your free time with this new partner. Indeed, with this fact of life, you would certainly go to quit blogging.

You have discovered you do rather enjoy reading blogs than writing

Earlier, you felt like writing and expressing your views on different topics, hence you made blog. You put loads of efforts in researching for drafting incredible posts. However, soon at some point of time while exploring on different issues, you simply started enjoying reading a lot and found writing a very tiresome kind of experience. The fact of the matter is both writing and reading is two different things. So if you have started enjoying reading more than writing, this surprising fact can certainly going to stop you from blogging. Now, you have become a reader who simply enjoy reading different light and sporty kind of stuff online and do not simply like to jot down anything over your blog. So sooner or later you will stop blogging.

You are scared of blogging

You are doing well in your blogging journey, suddenly you start getting feedback and comments over your blog posts. Some are good and encouraging, while others are critical and negative. Once you started reading them one unknown fear crept inside you and suddenly you see your hands shaking while you type to write down the blog posts or simply a reply to your reader. In other words, you are too light hearted to take up these negative comments; hence sooner or later you would quit blogging out of this fear.

Final word

You start blogging with new zeal and vigor but at times after reaching to any point, you end up quitting the journey of blogs. At times, you may have some legitimate reasons or facts that deter in your blogging efforts but sometime the causes or facts could be too surprising to believe about leaving the world of blogging. Some of these reasons are discussed below, hope you do not belong in any of these categories your blog posts.

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