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RT-Theme 18 is a premium WordPress theme with powerful CMS tools. You can use it for business, corporate, product catalog, services or portfolio web sites. The product and portfolio tools also give you wide opportunities to use in various services as tour itineraries, rent a car, real estate, hotel presentations and much more.

RT-Framework offers a rock solid theme back-end with tons of useful tools and options.

Customer Reviews for RT-Theme 18

“WOW Impressive Theme, Super flexible… I have worked work with more than 75 themes I can say this is on the top I have seen. Powerful”
– JavierDesigns

“Hi Tolga, I believe this is your best theme ever!!!. You added a unbelievable amount of features, shortcodes, abilities. All has become adjustable. And i see a huge amount of features added which your customers requested in the past. Great tutorials and documentation and the theme looks fabulous. Good luck with the sales on rt18. ”
– BackuPs

“All in one, great job! ”
– miseld

“This is my 5th theme I have purchased from this developer and each one is more impressive than his last! ”
– terryatsm

“Everything 5 stars!”
– cmsadmin

“Amazing design and one of the easiest, most flexible themes I’ve used to date. Well done! ”
– nategarrett

“This developer offers not only the finest constructed themes, but the best customer support! ”
– NowAge

“Just dropping in to say thanks for such a great theme! This theme is FULLY customizable, and the support is some of the best I’ve had on TF. Recommend it to anyone. Keep up the great work!”
– CRobson

“Lots of reasons to rate this theme 5 stars 1. Great design quality 2. Good code quality 3. Amazing flexibility & customizability 4. Good documentation and best of all 5. Quick and helpful customer support!!!”
– gsvnpraveen

“Very nice Theme I like it so much !! Great features and exelent design, simple and clean, with a really powerfull cms tools. Wonderful work. And with it a great tutorial and documentation ! Just Perfect, nothing to say !! ”
– mak_titi

“The best template I purchased. Congratulations to the creator is a very professional job. I am happy with this purchase”
– formatov

“This is truly a first-class product! I am amazed at the flexibility and freedom that one has to customize this theme. This author / developer is definitely one to watch for even more professionally designed products. Thank you for making my life so much easier! ”
– innovat1

“Hi! I didn’t find where to rate your theme more than 5 stars .. so sorry I only rated it 5 stars ! Congrats. ”
– Nicolas Stauffer, Studio Ginkgo

“The best theme I bought without any doubt. It is perfect theme. RT-Theme 17 is very very good but this is better. You have all options without programming any line. Template builder is very nice. Congratulations for this perfect work. ”
– jolona

“I have been purchasing many themes on TF and this is my third purchase from Tolga. Very well designed themes, that can be customised just as easily. Each new theme is better than the previous. What I like most is that Tolga listens to every client’s requirements and makes it a feature if he finds it worthy enough. ”
– anvith3

“Great Theme, if the best one of the best themes I have ever used. Congratulations. ”
– Roderswiss

“This is a great theme to work with. I just love it. Thanks for developing it. ”
– alderinos

“One of the best themes I worked with so far. thanks alot ”
– mssolutions

“excellent themes & excellent customer support. keep up the good work & patience with your clients. haha! ”
– rockstarmediaSA

Key Features

  • Amazing Template Builder
    (Customizing a Page With Template Builder)

    • Create unlimited tempaltes and use it with any page/post you want.
    • Create a slider easily.
    • Many Layout Posibilities
    • 30 modules
    • Easy to use user interface
    • Import, export, clone templates
    • Control header & footer contents for each tempalate
    • Add unlimited content rows and style them individually
    • Ability to chose a left or right sidebar for the each row in the same template.
    • Easily create google maps with multiple locations
    • Add pre-styled contents or create yours
    • Manage tabular contents, accordion contents and list with icons with a drag&drop user interface.
    • Add your products, portfolio, testimonials, team members or blog posts in any tempalte with extented options.
    • Add carousels with just a click! Available for products, portfolio, testimonials or blog with different layout options.
    • By using default content module control multiple content’s design within a single template. That makes the builder a real template builder!
    • Call any sidebar locaiton with a module
  • Extended Theme Options (screenshots)
    • Header & Footer Options
      • Control the logo position
      • 2 widget areas available to use for next or before the logo
      • Control the layout of footer widgets
      • Add a slogan text and customize it’s position
      • Add a slogan text and customize it’s position
    • Sidebar Creator
      • Create unlimited sidebars.
    • Typography options (screenshot)
      • Use many Google fonts
      • Control font sizes
    • Styling Options (screenshot)
      • Control all colors
      • Change the skin
  • Shortcodes & Shortcode Helper (screenshot)
    • Access the theme shortcodes from any page
    • Edit and insert your content quickly
    • Find all information about a shortcodes
  • 5 Custom Widgets
    • Flickr
    • Recent Posts
    • Popular Posts
    • Contact Info
    • Testimonials
  • Internationalized and Translation ready
    • Works great with the WPML plugin
    • master .po file included
    • RTL support
  • Product Showcase (screenshots)
    • Custom Product Posts
    • Tabbed Single Product Page
    • Choose icons and customize the names of the tabs
    • Show Related products
    • Add unlimited photo for a single product
    • Fullwidth, right or left sidebar options
  • Portfolio Pages

    • Custom Portfolio Posts
    • Unlimited Layout Options
    • Supports image,video portfolio items
    • Grabs thumbnails from Vimeo and YouTube automatically
    • Fullwidth, right or left sidebar options
  • Optional Functionality
    • Enable/disable responsive design
    • Enable/disable the floating sidebars
    • Enable/disable the sticky main navigation
    • Enable/disable the WPML plugins language selector
    • Change the default sidebar position
  • SEO Optimized
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Sefl-Hosted Video & Audio support for portfolio and blog
  • Valid HTML5 Markup
  • Cross browser support
  • PSD files included
  • Dummy Content included
  • Theme Update Notifier


RT-Theme 18 - v - June 25, 2014
Fixed: Wrong category list inside the WooCommerce product posts (extended) module 

RT-Theme 18 - v 1.3.4 - June 25, 2014
Added: WooCommerce carousel shortcode and template builder module
Added: New extended WooCommerce products shortcode and template builder module
Improved: RTL support
Improved: Styling of line with circle on WooCommerce widgets for IE  
Fixed: Layout issue in some cases with WooCommerce product_category shortcode and template builder module
Fixed:  Number of related products issue on single WooCommerce pages.
Fixed: Invisible embedded cart/link icon issue on product images issue fixed for WooCommerce products
Updated: .po file
Updated: Slider Revolution version 4.5.6

RT-Theme 18 - v 1.3.3 - June 04, 2014
Added: Pagination and post limit options to testimonials shortcode & module
Added: Space shortcode
Improved: RTL support
Improved: Page loading effect and Grayscale filter improved for Safari
Improved: Content animations for IE
Fixed: Flickering sticky menu issue on small screens

RT-Theme 18 - v 1.3.2 - June 01, 2014
Fixed: Invisible photo gallery items in single portfolio & blog posts 
Improved: Single product pages of Product Showcase
Fixed: style selection issue fixed on blog carousel module [ Template Builder ]
Fixed: Invisible content blocks on mobile devices when content animations is active

RT-Theme 18 - v 1.3.1 - May 30, 2014
Updated: Layer Slider plugin
Updated: Slider Revolution plugin 
Fixed: WooCommerce product categories widget styling
Fixed: WooCommerce add to cart button icon on home pages
Improved: Content animations and fixed invisible sidebar elements and flickering issue when page loading
Improved: Pre-defined styles for new chained contents
Improved: Accordion content css codes 

RT-Theme 18 - v 1.3 - May 29, 2014
Added: Showing logo option on the sticky navigation bar ( activate via RT-Theme 18 -> Header Options )
Added: Parallax background option to content rows
Added: Page loading effect  (  activate via RT-Theme 18 -> General Options  ) 
Added: Two new widgets: Product categories and Portfolio Categories
Added: Customize icon color,  icon background color,  icon border color options to content box with icon module/shortcode
Added: Animated contents on scroll down (  activate via RT-Theme 18 -> General Options  ) 
Added: Octangle image style option to content box with image module/shortcode
Added: Alternative image styles that lets you turn off the b/w filter on images to content box with image module/shortcode
Added: Vertically or horizontally aligned, chained content blocks with images or icons
Added: "Remove sub-header content area when empty" option added into the Header Options
Added: Use excerpts option added into the blog options. 
Added: Support for breadcrumb of Yoast Seo plugin
Added: Hide/show options for classic add to cart button and the embedded add to cart button into the RT-Theme 18 / WooCommerce Options
Added: Support for password protected content and WP-Members plugin support for Template Builder 
Added: Search option added to the template list of Template Builder  
Improved: Navigation bar styling improved
Improved: Color picker script
Improved: Template builder data handling, import and export options. This is also addresses for corrupted template data issue on some servers after moving database to another domain 
Improved: The link also applied to the featured image and the icon of Content Box With Icon and Content Box With Image modules / shortcodes
Improved: Styling support for Contact form 7 plugin 
Improved: WPML compatibility 
Fixed: Navigation bar styling issue (Half-Width style) on landscape tablet screens
Improved: Content box with image module is improved and if the link is applied to the featured image as well
Fixed: Custom styling issue on sub titles of a sub menu item in multi-column navigations (when mouse over)
Fixed: Extra spacing issue on icons with pins.
Fixed: (IE8) Transparent background color issue for slide titles and background on flex slider
Fixed: Bug on accordion content module style options
Fixed: Bug fixed on compare tables with mobile phones
Fixed: (IE10, IE11) Grayscale image issues
Fixed: typo fixed in the .po file ( Your Message: )
Fixed: Wrong theme version number when a child theme used
Fixed: Wrong layout issue on product and portfolio categories when a shortcode used inside one of the top widget areas

RT-Theme 18 - v 1.2.1  - April 17, 2014
Fixed: custom styling issue with mobile navigation menu

RT-Theme 18 - v 1.2  - April 17, 2014
Added: WordPress 3.9 support
Added: Icon option for the top level items of main navigation bar
Added: foursquare, delicios, forrst, ebay, android, xing, reddit, digg, apple appstore, myspace, amazon and stackoverflow icons
Improved: solved the blank icon selection window issue on some servers
Improved: Theme javascript file updated and debug comment removed from console 
Improved: removed the footer bar completely when footer sidebars does not contains any widgets or any content added with a template. This update may reduce vertical padding of the footer content bar, use space module to fill. 
Fixed: Tabs shortcode style selection bug

RT-Theme 18 - v 1.1.1 - April 14, 2014
Fixed: Sidebar issue on single staff pages that comes with version 1.1
Fixed: Wrong accordion content numbers
Fixed: Post type icons issue on blog lists

RT-Theme 18 - v 1.1 - April 11, 2014
Added: YouTube and SoundClound icons to the social media links
Added: Remove top bar option into the header options
Added: Template builder option added to single staff pages
Added: New tab styles added to template builder's tabs module
Added: Post revisions for products, portfolio, staff and testimonial custom post types
Added: Visible first content option added to the accordions
Improved: H2 Page titles updated to H1 when a logo image uploaded
Improved: Shortcode functions are plugable now
Improved: Icon selector and template importer functions improved
Improved: Breadcrumb menu
Improved: Color selectors of theme options
Improved: Button alignments in table shortcodes
Improved: Mouseover effect for product lists disabled for mobile screens for better scrolling
Improved: Header widget & logo placements. 
Fixed: Extra slashes issue in slider module of template builder
Fixed: Custom styling issue on sub-menus of main navigation
Fixed: .po/.mo file updated for missing translation part in the single product pages ( “category" and “categories” texts )
Fixed: Section id (css selector) bug fixed on archive pages

RT-Theme 18 - v 1.0.4 - April 1, 2014
Bug fixed: Corrupted CSS  issue on some installations that fails the custom stylings
Bug fixed: Testimonials post count issue fixed. It wasn’t show more than 10 posts
Improved: Crop feature improved for blog carousel thumbnails.
Improved: CSS codes improved of comments
Improved: Setup Assistant 

RT-Theme 18 - v 1.0.3 - March 27, 2014
- Bug fixed: Variation select form issue fixed
- Improved: The style of item quantity form of WooCommerce items improved for webkit browsers
- Bug fixed: fixed bug in the “Sidebar” module of the Template Builder 
- Added: Added filter hook for social media icons 

RT-Theme 18 - v 1.0.2   - March 26, 2014
- Bug fixed: Fixed the error when "default content" module used in template with a regular post 

RT-Theme 18 - v 1.0.1   - March 24, 2014
- Bug fixed: PHP error fixed on earlier PHP versions than 5.4


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