Link building has a very important place in SEO realm. It is considered as the most vital building blocks for search engine optimization of your successful sites. Link building is actually a process of building inbound links simply to promote a site or blog in order to improve its rankings in the SERPs (search engine result pages). Most of the search engines simply work on links or just on keywords found within their web pages and showcase proper results via indexing methods. If you are interested in having a robust kind of SEO link building, the below discussed rules could help you in ruling over all the major search engines.

Use all the major social media sites

The social media sites have become the most favorite and preferred SEO link building strategy to get valuable backlinks. By sharing your content (articles and posts) over different social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus can help you in giving exposure to your content along with putting them across a million of users every day. While posting the articles over your blog, you are supposed to add buttons including Facebook Like and TweetMeme. This will help your readers to share all your valuable content in their network. Lastly, with more number of quality articles you post, you end up getting more amounts of links.

The website directory submissions

The web directories also known as link directories are sites wherein you can find a list of relevant links. By getting different sites listed over the local directories could certainly help you in search engine rankings, since these quality directories are simply used by a huge amount of visitors who come in search of their desired information. It is mandatory for any blogger to get listed over a couple of quality directories in order to find some quality visitors from different directories. At the same time, you are not supposed to go overboard with these directory submissions as they may not prove out to be effective by buying thousands of directory links.

Build the Do-Follow links

The do-follow links are basically special HTML Markup inside, which makes the crawling process by different search engines easy in their respective sites by following the proper destination inside the link. By carrying links from websites with the do-follow attribute is among the most robust kind of SEO link building methods. In order to ensure maximum amount of value and a natural link building procedure, you are supposed to build do-follow links by simply adding the attribute of ‘rel’ with the value do-follow. This may appear like –rel=”dofollow”.

Change text

While using anchor text, you are always supposed to use a variation of your main keyword, this means that you are not simply using one keyword phrase in the link since this will make it more suspicious. Also, you are not supposed to use anchor text every time and hence sometimes you need to use your URL as it will be more result oriented.

Final word

The above discussed rules or strategies are counted under the white hat SEO strategies hence are more likely to generate quality links. This will therefore help you in making a long term investment for your site. With your consistent efforts, you are more likely to climb up in your SEO rankings.

About the author: Kelly is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. She is an avid golfer and loves saving cost of shipping golf clubs.