Android is a hottest topic now a day’s and getting popularity day by day. In this post we provide you the list of some of the Top 10 Android Games (some of them are free but for few of them you have spend few bucks to get hands on it).The gaming experience in Android Mobile Games increases day by day. Its new gaming technology brings outstanding gaming experience into your Android running handy smart phone.

1.Angry Birds:

Angry Birds, one of the best chargeless Android amateur out there, is accessible for download at GetJar website. You can additionally download it at Android Market.Angry Birds is a actual addictive and arduous conundrum game. In the game, you booty ascendancy of a army of birds whose eggs were baseborn by angry pigs. You use a ballista to barrage the birds into the structures in which the pigs are hiding.

2.Red Card Rampage:

Red Card Rampage is a physics puzzle game based on a popular flash game by the same name. What’s a physics puzzle game? Something like the Worms game on PC, where you have to take the weight of the object, the trajectory, the speed, as well as the wind into account in order to hit your target. I hate soccer, but I enjoy this type of games, so I was unsure if I would like it this one.

3.World War for Android:

The idea behind the game, as well as the gameplay, is very similar to iMobsters. Complete missions to gain experience, earn cash, and capture enemy forces. Battle players from other nations to demonstrate your superiority and fight to make your side the current “winning country.”

4.Fruit Ninja:

Swipe fruit with your finger to cut. Train your Ninja Kaka to be the fruit killer right now! Get some fun on your Android with Fruit Ninja Kaka Game. v1.3.3 now support All Android devices

5.Robo Defense:

Robo Defense is the ultimate portable tower defense experience. Featuring open maps, upgrades, achievements and nice graphics.

6.Gem Miner:

If there was a account of best addictive amateur on Android, Gem Miner bold would absolutely be in top ten. Body your affluence by digging mines to acquisition ores, metals, and gems. When you accomplish profit, you can absorb it on upgrades -better accoutrement and maps that accomplish you a big-time exploiter- and dig deeper.


As a bright, beautiful Bejeweled clone, Jewellust offers a slight twist on match-three puzzle gameplay.The Ancient Egypt! Swap and burst gems to gather mosaic tiles. Pass 30 levels in 7 pyramids and Underground Temple to get Pharaoh’s power!

8.Hungry Shark Free for Android:

Chomp your way to the top of the food chain in this fast-paced aquatic eat ‘em-up. Binge on the beach, trawl the depths and raid the Antarctic to satisfy your appetite. Pick-up-and-play fun with beat-your-buddies online hiscores. Feeling peckis.

9. Bebbled:

The Bebbled Android app is an impressive jawbreaker game that lets you play in a variety of different modes. You can play for hours on the campaign mode and try and beat all 33 levels with the best score possible. You can also do a freestyle mode where you can fully customize and change the settings to suit your playing style.

10.Frozen Bubble:

The Frozen Bubble Android by Pawel Aleksander Fedorynski is a Bust-A-Move type of game for the Android platform. the object of the game is to clear the bubbles from the top of the screen by hitting them with another bubble of the same colour.