The android market has become saturated with apps due to the increase in the usage of android mobiles; there is an equal hike in the apps usage. Mobile users are choosing these apps without even having a look at whether they are paid ones or free of cost, as they are impressed with the app features.

This purchasing process of android mobile phones and apps has been eased with the support of payday loans that offer immediate cash to meet the requirement. This has been practiced mostly by the business executives who have to perform multiple tasks in a single instance, which has been achieved successfully with the help of these apps. The top five android finance apps for your business management are listed below.

V. Pageonce: This is a free app that helps in managing your finances by keeping track of your bank balance, investments and credit card charges. This is done through gathering data from the accounts that are present online. Not only can the business finances can be managed through this app, but it also keeps you updated regarding various online shopping opportunities, social networking accounts and utility bills that includes your house hold expenses which make it multi operable.

IV. Balance Book: It is one of the paid apps, which is a perfect choice for your business that allows you to detect all the finances through your mobile at ease. To be brief, it is a profit tracker that makes most of the complicated things easier. Through a few operations you can enter all your business finance data that includes sales and expenses. It displays them in the balance sheet module option as soon as you fill in the information, calculating the various fields.

III. Exchange Rates: If you are the owner of a business that has spread globally, then you will always need to know the list of exchange rates across the world. This is possible with this easy to use app that offers exchange rates of updated world currencies. You have an extensive list of world currencies of which you can pick one to appear on your screen and take necessary actions. These options also include the respective country’s flag image, official code of the currency and name of the country.

II. Debt Payoff Planner: This would be a perfect choice if you want to be free from your debts, it steers you in the right direction leading you to pay off all your existing debts. In order to initiate the process, you need to provide entire details of your debts and the monthly amount you pay for the repayment of these debts. You can choose one of the five strategies that will be displayed and the tap of the calculate button will display the results.

I. Expense Manager: If you want to manage your expenses then this would be a great choice. There are many features that are included in the app which keeps a weekly, monthly or yearly track on your incomes and expenditures as per your requirement. You can also schedule events on multiple accounts for a recurring payment alert.

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