The evolution in Voice over Internet Protocol or more commonly known as VoIP has revolutionized the way people communicate. This communication technology enables you to send and receive voice data in form of telephone calls through internet connection. This technology has replaced the conventional telephone lines used for sake of communication in both our domestic and professional lives of people.

Due to this reason it normally become difficult to differentiate between regular PSTN call and VoIP call. However, VoIP calls also offer much additional functionality available in form of different packages.


Different VoIP packages offer different functionalities that may include facility of dialing and receiving calls to and from any location to any device or regular phone. The only thing required for this purpose is stable internet connection.

Users can acquire different interface for this purpose depending upon type of device they are using such as desktop will require web interface, smartphones, mobile and other mobile devices will also require interface accordingly to communicate your voice on internet to other user.  This technology offers many advantages to professionals as they can work and communicate with other workers irrespective of time and place.

Other advantages offered by this technology include:

Facility of Video Conference

VoIP offers facility for video conference that enables video communication all over the globe with simple internet connection. More commonly video conference is also known as video calling or video chat through which video of user can be sent and received through live streaming on internet.

This facility is widely used at corporate and professional level in which professional of organization can communicate face to face with their other coworkers working in other office at some distant location. Many business people use this facility to communicate with their clients in other country.


Dedicated conference rooms are present in business organizations where business meetings are conducted through video conference with people around the world.

This facility is not only used at corporate level only. Nowadays, large numbers of domestic people use facility of video conference to keep in touch with their friends and family members around the world.

People not only talk to their loved ones at cost effective rates and usually free of any cost but they also see their family members as soon as they want. This facility require internet connection, audio input and output resources and camera for video input that can help for live streaming of your video.

Communication procedures are unified

The progress of this technology ensure unified communication where users are capable of communicating impeccably without using separate method for different purposes such as email, SMS, voice conversation and video calls. Various solutions are offered at enterprise level to achieve the point of unified communication.

With VoIP technology the communication has become convenient and cost effective for people of every part of world. It has not only revolutionized the procedures of business but it has also effected the health and education sector to great extent.

It has become possible for students to acquire quality education from reputed Universities of the world from comfort of their home. Similarly many doctors can assist in complicated surgical procedures through this technology without any physical presence.   

Dayyana is proficient writer and online marketer; she is currently working with Camp America.